Tummy Tucks and Fitness: The Medical Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

While tummy tucks are extremely popular especially by mothers who feel stretched out of shape from past pregnancies, they can do more than simply provide cosmetic benefits. While you will love your new shape and will feel more confident with a flat belly, the benefits that most directly affect your quality of life are those that help you live with less discomfort and fewer chronic issues. Check out some of these medical benefits from this cosmetic surgery.

Smaller, More Toned Belly

There are numerous problems associated with a large waistline. In particular, large abdominal girth has been shown to lead to cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Even those who are not technically overweight but who have a large waistline are at risk for chronic health conditions. A tummy tuck can reduce the size of your waistline by removing extra skin and tissues. Plus, it is often combined with a liposuction for further benefits.

Better Posture

When you no longer have extra weight pulling on your abdomen, you are better able to keep good posture while sitting or standing. Not only will you look taller and more confident, but also you will decrease spine and neck discomfort by keeping your bones correctly aligned. In addition, this can decrease stress on the surrounding muscles and ligaments as they work to hold your bones in place.

Improved Continence

If you are a woman who has struggled with incontinence for years without any success using noninvasive methods, a tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, from a surgeon like Gary Takowsky MD, A Plastic Surgery Group may be just what you need to reduce strain in the area. During the tummy tuck, a small bladder obstruction is created by the surgeon. This procedure is most effective for women who have only gone through vaginal births.

Hernia Correction

Part of the tummy tuck procedure typically includes surgical tightening of the abdominal muscles if they have torn in the middle. Torn abdominal muscles are frequently associated with massive weight gain as well as pregnancy. However, abdominal surgeries of any sort can leave the abdominals weak. Ventral hernias, which are those that occur down the center of the abdomen, can often be successfully corrected with a tummy tuck.

Although many people claim that you can achieve some of the same benefits of a tummy from exercise alone, it is impossible to tighten permanently loose skin completely with a fitness program. However, when fitness is used together with a tummy tuck, you can enjoy a smooth, flat belly with toned abdominals and tightened skin. Not only can you feel confident in your body shape, but also you can eliminate inches from your waistline.

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