Top 5 Resort Wear Fashion Tips for 2017

Did you plan a trip to a resort this season? Or did someone surprise you with a pair of tickets and you need to leave immediately? You might not know what to pack or where to even start, but not to worry! Resort fashion might be a whole different planet, miles away from how you usually dress, but here is a list of five tips that will have you looking perfect every single day you spend at the resort.

1.     Plan your activities

You can never properly pack if you don’t know what you are packing for. Find out what your activities are going to be and plan your wardrobe accordingly. If you are going to spend your days lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun, then bathing suits and beach cover-ups are must-haves, but if you are more in the mood for taking long walks, or even going hiking, you might want to pack somewhat differently.

2.     Be comfortable

There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable on your vacation! So when packing, keep that in mind. Just because a special type of bikini is “in” this season, doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Cover-ups are also a great way to feel more comfortable at the beach, if you don’t like showing too much skin. If you think that you can’t look good if you are more covered up, then you definitely didn’t see the maxi dress trend taking over resorts this season.

3.     Flowy is your best friend

There is a good reason why flowy dresses, skirts, pants and tops are in season after season. They protect your skin from the scorching sun, but they are breathable enough to keep you cool. Not to mention, they look extremely good on virtually everyone. Having flowy, loose clothes with you at a resort is the best thing you can do for your trip. And if you want to still show off parts of your body, then a combination of flowy pants and a bikini top might just be what you are looking for.

4.     Be careful with materials

There are a million different styles of resort wear that you could get. The biggest difference you need to look out for is material. You don’t want to order a perfect pair of leggings for your vacation, just for them to arrive and be unbreathable plastic. This is another reason why flowy pieces are so popular, because they are always made from light fabrics which will let your body breather and keep you comfortable. The same goes with choosing bathing suits, footwear and any extra pieces.

5.     Have proper footwear

You will not be happy if you get blisters two days into your vacation and have to stay off your feet till the end of it. Having good footwear is essential not only for fashion, but also for practical reasons. If you are going to sandy beaches, get a good pair of flip-flops of sandals, but if you are going on a rocky beach, or if you will be walking through places where it is dangerously slippery, you might want to have something with a bit more grip on your foot. Don’t carry shoes that you haven’t worn before, because you don’t know if they might get uncomfortable after a little while A good pair of evening sandals is just important, because there will be many nights that you will want to dance away.

Now you are ready to pack your bag and hit that resort. Remember to bring your sunscreen and enjoy the warmth and the beauty of the scenery, because it is most likely a vacation that you will cherish as a fond memory for the rest of your life. 

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