The Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Dentistry

If there is one constant in the world of dentistry, it is progressive change. Between the accelerated advances in new technologies always being developed and ongoing improvements in procedures, more people are finding welcome solutions to their cosmetic dental needs. Considering word-of-mouth advertising is the single-most powerful method the dental industry enjoys for gaining new clients, it doesn’t hurt that people are sharing their positive experiences through a newly enhanced smile after seeing their orthodontist.

What Is Driving This Increase in Demand for Cosmetic Procedures?

We are in the midst of a phenomenon in marketing across all fields that cannot be denied. It is known as the baby boom generation of the mid-20th Century. The baby-boomers have influenced business starting in 1946 climbing to an epic level today with the first-wave having reached retirement age, and the second-wave still going strong, although close on the heels of the first.

They account for better than 40 percent of the total population with 76 million living in the U.S. Today. One thing they all have in common is a sincere desire to age youthfully. Health and fitness rank high among boomers, and that includes maintaining a healthy appearance.

When you consider that the expense of Somerset cosmetic dentistry is typically not covered by insurance, you must reach a little farther for understanding the impetus behind the dollars being spent on higher-level elective products and services including reconstructive procedures having doubled in recent years. Boomers are more active as they age, living younger lifestyles and earning a higher income than their parents before them. Continuing to set the trend, boomers want to look as good as they feel, and they have the money to pay for it.

In addition, dental practices have responded both in keeping up with the demands by outfitting their offices with the necessary equipment and ongoing training to perform these procedures and offering third-party financing to help with the expense. For the generation of kids that did not have the advantage of the cavity prevention methods and pain-assistance options later generations enjoyed, it is time they get to correct the past.

What Popular Procedures Are People Asking For?

The general consensus agrees—the most requested cosmetic service is teeth whitening. As people age, the teeth tend to yellow. With the proliferation of cameras in handheld devices producing countless selfies, it is hard to deny how one appears when the images are there for everyone to see. Following that are crowns and bridges, direct bonding, onlays/inlays and veneers. Implants are growing in popularity despite the cost involved.

Here is a brief overview of the basic cosmetic procedures:

  • Teeth whitening—improves appearance of the teeth but has nothing to do with their functioning
  • Composite bonding—improves appearance of uneven teeth, gaps or unusually small teeth and only offers a cover-up, not correction
  • Inlays or onlays—a non-essential cover-up for an area that needed a filling and improves the appearance of the tooth
  • Crowns—used to cover a tooth that has broken, had a large cavity or root canal therapy
  • Bridges—an alternative to dentures or implants used to replace a single tooth or several teeth, if they are all in a row. Surrounding teeth are utilized as support to “bridge the gap.”
  • Veneers—thin ceramic layers used to replace original tooth material using adhesive
  • Dental implants—replacement teeth mounted onto metal posts that are surgically positioned into the jawbone

Some of these procedures can be challenged as to whether they are cosmetic or not, and, therefore, whether they are covered by dental insurance. For example, sometimes cosmetic dentistry is performed for the purpose of restoring the tooth structure or specifically to improve the patient’s oral health, whereas purely cosmetic work is performed for the purpose of improving one’s appearance.

Deciding on procedures should be left to the dentist or orthodontist performing the restorative work, but for cosmetic procedures, it helps if you know what your options are. Some procedures can be an alternative for more expensive ones as in the example of porcelain veneers. In some cases, the same results can be achieved with bonding or teeth whitening.

Increased marketing conducted both online and in person is helping to increase consumer awareness of all that cosmetic dentistry has to offer. If you are interested in improving your appearance, start inquiring; ask questions. You will find that the dentist, the hygienist and the rest of the staff are eager to help you learn more.

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