The Future of Gadgets & Technology in the Beauty World


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Beauty gadgets are getting more and more high tech, and with huge advancements in ‘smart’ devices, the beauty businesses will need to rethink their strategies in order to stay relevant and keep on top of trends.

From special skincare devices that help consumers understand their skin better and beauty masks that are connected to your smartphone to 3D printing for nail salons, there are many things available right now that prove that the future has already arrived.

And thanks to the Internet of Things, connected technology is going to be even bigger in the next few years.

The Internet of Things

One of the biggest advancements in technology is the growth of The Internet of Things (IoT). It’s so big in fact, that it’s been cited as ‘the next Industrial Revolution’. And it’s taking over everything in our everyday lives, not just our beauty products.

This infographic shows just how fast the technology is growing and how it will change your life by the year 2020.

(Image source: RS Online)

The data in this infographic by RS Online predicts that there will be over a billion household products connected to the internet, and more than 400 million wearable devices.

In beauty, we will see the development of more gadgets that can go beyond their standard capabilities and provide users with a comprehensive service.

Some current examples we can refer to include the Wired Beauty Mapo Mask, which measures your skin’s temperature and moisture levels then sends the data to an app on your phone. Or the OKU Skin Care Sensor (available for $249), which acts as a skin coach and looks underneath the surface of the skin to determine what products you should be using for optimum care.

Robotic Technology

In addition to the different connected devices that are coming out, there will also be progress with robotic technology, particularly 3D printing. New devices, such as the iNail Intelligent Printer, will be able to print entire designs onto your nails, completely revolutionising the nail industry.

(Image source: Wikimedia)

And the iNail isn’t the first and only device of its kind to offer such an impressive nail design service.

Industry leaders like L’Oreal are also investing heavily into robotic tech to help chemists with formulating. And Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido has also rolled out humanoid robots on the production assembly line. So A.I and robotics will definitely be impacting the industry as a whole in the near future.

Gadgets of the Future

When it comes to the trend of gadgets, this area is set for huge growth. With smart devices leading the way and encouraging consumers to have a better understanding of skincare, makeup and cosmetics.

Gadgets will also extend to haircare, relaxation and massage, and all-in-one devices that can offer a range of different facial or body treatments at a click of a button in the comfort of one’s own home.

The shift of spa based treatments turning to home devices will mean that a whole new market will open up for non-invasive beauty and it will be much more accessible for both men and women.


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