The Eyes Have It: 5 Different Eyeglass Styles for Every Face Shape

Glasses, or spectacles as they were originally called, were invented sometime between 1268 and 1289 and were only used by monks and scholars (Here's a fun article on the history of eyeglasses if you'd like to learn more). Eyeglasses were available to everyone by the fifteenth century, but were still not considered attractive, especially on women. In 1965, Vogue magazine featured eyeglasses in their beauty section and the view of eyeglasses began to turn. Nowadays, glasses are a part of your wardrobe. Different styles and colors allow you to be creative and accessorize your outfit. When shopping for new eyeglasses, a good rule of thumb is to stick to frames that will look best on the shape of your face.

Do You Know Your Face Shape?

There are four commonly found face shapes; round, square, oval and heart. A round face shape is exactly as it sounds; rounded jawline, wider cheekbones and shorter from forehead to chin. Square has more of a prominent, strong jawline, more angular features and a wider forehead. Oval face shape is long and narrow, high cheekbones with more balanced features. Finally, a heart shape has a broader forehead, pointed, narrow chin and high cheekbones. Once you've determined what face shape you have, go visit an eye doctor like Evans, Robt. L Dr, get your accurate prescription, and start the journey of choosing eyeglasses designed for you. Let's take a look at several different styles to figure out which types you should focus on checking out.

Round Face

With a round face, you want to stick to a wider frame as this will add definition and will make your face seem narrower. When it comes to the style of the frame, you have many options as your face can handle a bold statement: rimless frames, 1950s rockabilly style with a bolder brow line and thin frames underneath, thick-rimmed black frames, bright and bold colored frames or even embellished frames. You can get away with some really fun styles that really add a punch to your look!

Square Face

With a square face, whether you're are a man or a woman, the most prominent feature is your strong jawline. A good frame for your face is one that will soften it a bit by adding curves. Look for a round frame, a cat-eye shaped frame for the ladies or a thin frame. Also sticking to neutral colors is best as it softens your look a bit. There are some really fun translucent frames found today that would be great for a square face shape. Just think curves, neutral colors and a thinner frame.

Oval Face

The balanced features of an oval face allows for flexibility and fun options when it comes to eyeglasses. You can go bold or stick to a thin frame, a rectangular frame or a cat-eye shape will also look great on you. You can go trendy with a square frame or funky with a rimless round frame. With an oval face shape, your options are pretty much endless. You do, however, want to find a frame that's wider than the broadest part of your face.

Heart Face

With a heart-shaped face, the goal is to make the widest part of your face seem narrower and your narrow chin to seem a bit broader. With that in mind, you want to look for a frame that is wider than the widest part of your face or has details/embellishments on the ends. You also want to look for light colors or neutral colors to soften your look. Some good options are a brow line or "Clubmaster" style that's bolder at the brow line than the cheekbone, a thin frame or rimless frame or even a rectangular frame would look great on your heart-shaped face.

Sticking to these styles and ideas will make the task of getting new glasses a little less overwhelming. You can avoid trying on any frames that aren't great for your face shape and stick to a smaller collection of frames that will enhance your features. Make your next eye appointment fun! 

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