Sportswear Trends That Have Been Hot in 2017

Even though many have predicted a quick and swift downfall of the sportswear trend, as well as the hybrid we all know as athleisure, these trends are here to prove the naysayers wrong. The first piece of evidence, the word has actually made it into dictionaries, and if that weren’t enough, we’ve been keeping a close watch of the trends strutting down this year’s runways, and after witnessing countless pure athleisure and athleisure adjacent outfits, it is safe to say, with complete certainty, that the trend won’t be leaving anytime soon. Many have come to claim that it won’t be disappearing at all, as it has transformed from a fad to a real lifestyle, and that makes it permanent. History professor Deirdre Clemente pinpointed that the appeal of athleisure lies in the perfect combination of durability of sportswear and the versatility of business casual. This way, you get a winning combination that everyone is dying to wear. It is therefore, our job to paint a picture of the trends future, and showcase the specific ways in which it’s to be worn this year as well as the next one.

Party on the feet

Sneakers are one of the simplest ways for even a neophyte to give athleisure a go. You could be wearing straight leg trousers or even a chic pencil skirt, combined with a casual tee and the oh so popular plaid blazer, throwing into the mix the chicest handbag you own, but if you add sneakers, the entire outfit will get that sporty vibe. These don’t even have to be sleek; you’re free to put on a black and gold Nike and still pull the look off fantastically, even for the office.  You can even stand to take it further, and rock a designer dress in the middle of the day with the added twist in the form of sneakers instead of the expected pumps. The point is – sneakers are now your go-to footwear, and whether you’re sporting minimal, casual, boho or super-chic outfits, they are there for you.

Reverse it

Of course, if you can wear sneakers with designer dresses, you can also stand to mix it up a bit and try a reversed approach. Rihanna is definitely the person to pay attention to when trying to master this kind of look. The important thing is to always have killer eyewear, a classy crossbody bag or solid tote, high heels that look like they’re waiting for a floor-length gown, and then simply put on a tracksuit instead. It feels like a lot of confidence is needed to pull this off, but once you do, you’ll never go back.

Like a phoenix from the ashes

Americans have lived to see the return of NBA merchandise, and the clearest proof of the once much-beloved trend’s revival is queen Beyoncé. The trend, however, has gone through quite a transformation as well, given that the jersey is now to be worn with glamorous pieces instead of the regular jeans or even sweatpants. Wear it with culottes, an elegant pleated midi skirt and even heels – in short, don’t be afraid to dress it up. Of course, if you don’t have any particular feelings towards American basketball, you can always turn to Australian jerseys, although you should at least be somewhat of a fan, for the sake of authenticity. The fashion statement alone won’t suffice without the genuine interest.

Go everywhere

One of the reasons sportswear and athleisure aren’t a fad anymore is the fact that people’s mentality and attitudes have changed. We now wish for multifunctional attire that we can wear in the gym but also head out for coffee or to run errands without having to change our outfit. With the rise of awareness on the importance of wellness and healthy lifestyle, people have become increasingly drawn to functional yet aesthetically pleasing workout clothes in general. Miss Bella Hadid has been rocking the trend for years, with her amazing ensembles comprised of leggings, a sports bra and bomber jackets.

Luxury on the horizon

Having realized how lucrative the athleisure wear trend will become, well-known fashion powerhouses have jumped on the bandwagon and are teaming up with famous streetwear brands in order to create what we now know as luxury sportswear, and the list of names includes Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and even Chanel and Dior. Whether they’re glitter sneakers, or satin tracksuits, these items are definitely not meant to be worn at the gym. They’re here to show that when sportswear cuts meet couture fabrics, something incredibly glamorous is born. If glitz and glam is your cup of tea, then by all means, jump on board. If not, stick to the safe approach of mixing your ‘regular’ pieces with athletic ones.

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