It isn’t just Carry Bradshaw who is obsessed with shoes and can go to any length for a pair of beautiful heels. It is all of us. We all have that fascination in ourselves which leads to us gaping when around a mesmerizing pair of shoes. We often stop outside the display windows, marvelling the intricate handwork that goes into the best of footwear. Why is that? What is so special about shoes?

The answer is: everything. The delicate strap, the arrogant heel, the fashionable base, and the smooth leather – everything tugs at our hearts. Designer shoes for women and men are something where both the genders have agreed upon with immense acquiescence. They both understand the importance and the fascinating pull that comes with a pair of beautifully crafted joy. Rosso Brunello recognizes this streak of passion and has often come up with various ways to make the feet and the heart happy.

Some events require special pairs of shoes and it is very important to understand what goes with what occasion.    

1.       Party-time

When it is for the occasion of a huge party, women can team up their fancy gowns with a ravishing pair of heels. Nothing says panache better than a well-carried pair of heels. Make sure that you only sport a pair in which you’re comfortable because there is also nothing more off-putting than a person walking clumsily in a pair of heels. On the other hand, men can go with boots or moccasins for men. These moccasins are made in a manner which only adds to the beauty of the overall look of the outfit.

2. Casual lunches 

During casual lunches or beautiful picnics, one can wear their nice little skirts and match it up with canvas shoes or mocassins that go with all skirts and jumpsuits. Nowadays, mocassins for men are also available. The key is to keep it simple as picnics are not places one expects to come fully dressed anyway. Carelessly chic is the norm of the day. 


3. Traditional all the way 

India is a land of festivals and weddings and literally every other month has one of those. Hence, one must always have something traditional to team it up with the latest lehenga or saree. Heels work best with sarees whereas jutis can also be worn with lehengas. Though, for a good fall, heels are your ideal companion. 


4. Workplace 

The working women of today always have to be on their toes. Whether it is daily work routines or meetings at fancy places, one has to be adorned in appropriate suits and formal wear. With the right suit, it is almost a pity if one does not have the right footwear. Simple and smart, heels or leather shoes work best for such occasions. 


5. Beaches 

The most fun footwear is the beach footwear. Everyone loves shopping for vacations. It is exciting and stimulating. So, on your next visit to the beach, carry loafers or beautifully made pair of slippers and it'll do the job wonderfully well. The trick is to carry footwear made of a material that will not give away when in water for too long. 


So, everyone has a Carrie Bradshaw hidden in her and it is time to unleash her. The world is too big and the time is too little - one must utilize every single moment in the perfect pair of shoes! 

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