Men’s Fashion: 4 Different T-Shirt Ideas for the Eclectic Dresser

T-shirts may seem like basic wardrobe staples that are everywhere. They don’t have to be, though. If you’re a gentleman who has a quirky sense of fashion, these four T-shirt types may be up your alley. Dressing in a T-shirt has never been so exciting and easy before.

Try T-Shirts with Color

People often associate T-shirts with white. If you picture James Dean in a T-shirt, you probably think of white. Men who have quirky fashion preferences, however, don’t have to stick with the basics. If you want to rock a T-shirt look that’s a bit more interesting and striking, you should look for options in attractive colors such as navy blue, sky blue, orange, yellow, beige, and magenta.

Knit T-Shirts

If you like the idea of a T-shirt that’s a bit more involved, then you should go for knitted options. Knit T-shirts boast classic and timeless appearances. They provide wearers with various perks too. Extra insulation is just one. Men who frequently sport shorts are often drawn to knit T-shirts. These shirts can make wonderful finishing touches for all kinds of casual and low-key outfits.

Wear Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Don’t assume that T-shirts always have to have short sleeves. They definitely do not. If you want to test out a more interesting take on traditional T-shirts, go on the long sleeve path. This can work well on cooler days of the year too. Some companies, like Over Under Clothing, know that you can get creative with long sleeve T-shirts. You can pair them up with jeans and khakis if you want. They even look great in conjunction with shorts. Long sleeve T-shirts can be terrific for men who are all about style freedom.

Purchase Printed T-Shirts

There are men who tend to avoid printed T-shirts. There are men who have reservations regarding printed clothing pieces in general. If you’re a man who has a penchant for eclectic looks, you should never be afraid of printed T-shirts. Printed T-shirts can make your look a lot more eye-catching. Explore your choices in geometric shapes, florals, stripes and more. The sky is the limit for men who aren’t afraid to be bold and showcase prints.

Dressing up is all about showing the world who you are. It’s a wonderful and effective way to express yourself. If you’re a man who loves quirky attire, there are so many fantastic T-shirt categories on hand for you these days.

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