The one night every year where you want to look glitzy and glamorous is New Year’s Eve! This night is all about glittering yourself up for when the clock strikes midnight!

Planning for New Year’s Eve is a long and difficult process for women. What dress are you going to wear? How are you going to do your hair? Where will you be going?

After you have made all of your basic plans, the most important thing you need to do next is plan out your makeup!

You are probably thinking that you know how to do your makeup, and there is no need to plan it out. Wrong! If you try to figure out your makeup on New Year’s Eve, you will become flustered and won’t look even close to as beautiful as you could have with a little bit of planning.

Get ready for that New Year’s kiss with these New Year’s Eve Makeup Tips!


1.Wipe your face with non-alcoholic tonic. Many women just prefer to wash their faces instead. Either works!

2. Apply a very thin layer of day cream, and blot surpluses with a cosmetic napkin.

3. Apply a thin layer of foundation cream to make your skin as smooth as possible and shade it carefully. Make sure you choose the right color. Too dark looks unnatural, too light looks like you are dying lol 

4. Correct your natural defects with brownish shades of blush. Put blush under your cheekbones, and if you feel that you have a high forehead and you don’t have bangs, put blush on a regional line on your forehead. If you have a sharp chin, apply blush to the bottom part. And if you want your nose thinner apply blush on the sides of your nose & highlight the center.

5. Apply a thin layer of blush on your cheeks.


6. Time for the eyes. Apply powder lightly to your eyes. Correct eyebrows if needed with a pencil of brown shades.

7. Apply primer to your eyelids so your shadow doesn’t smear throughout the night and stays looking fresh! Apply a light shade of eyeshadow all the way up to your brow bone.

8. Apply the next lightest color up to your eyelid crease. Then take your darkest color and apply it to the outer third part of your eyelid.

9. To finish off the shadow, add a white shade underneath your bottom lash line and in the inner corner.

10. Apply eyeliner your choice!

11. Eyelash time! Using false lashes is probably the best way to go tonight. Applying them can be difficult, but the result will be worth it! Apply your mascara over the false eyelashes to blend them with your real eyelashes & reapply the eyeliner.

Tip: Apply a thin layer of foundation cream on your lips, which will make your lipstick last longer. Remember the basics Drastic eyes, simple lips. Heavy lips, Simple eyes & please don't forget to Correctly moisturized  you face. Use these photos or go to my "Makeup" album to help guide you or think of new creative ideas when you are doing your makeup on this special night! Just remember, New Year’s Eve is the one night where you should be the center of attention so make it happen!Want to keep it simple?... Try Cat-eye and red lipstick for a very sexy look 
Check out the  "Makeup" album for more ideas. 

Happy Holidays!.. 

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Comment by Jessica Milan on August 27, 2012 at 10:50pm

OMG great tips #Love this :) !


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