Incorporate a Dash of India into Your Summer Style

Whenever summer approaches, one of the most exciting things to do is update our wardrobe to make sure we have plenty of cute, stylish outfits to get us through the hot days. But this year, instead of our standard tight shorts and tiny tops, why not try something new? India has a long history of beautiful, unique fashion that is more than perfect for the heated haze of summer. If you want to blend comfort, class and brightness, then incorporate these ideas into your personal style for this year.

Start slow

India’s magnificent culture and history can leave anyone in awe, so it’s no wonder we’re all enchanted by the ease with which they wear their fashion and mould it to suit their needs. However, when incorporating the details of their style into yours, there’s no need to go overboard and start wearing their national costumes. It’s not only impractical, but rude as well. Stick to smaller details and think more of a fusion rather than flat out copying everything you see. The point is to adjust things so they work for you. Don’t duplicate stuff, be original.

Long and loose

Most parts of India have a tropical climate, so they know quite a bit about keeping comfortable in the summer. Think lightweight materials that will let your skin breathe and have a cooling effect. Long, loose tunics that you can pair with your regular denim shorts and big bags, or beautiful dresses made of raw silk are also great. If you’re not sure where to start, take a look at Sivana collection and you’ll find plenty of stylish, pretty kaftans, dresses and tunics that are easy to incorporate into any outfit.

Colourful patterns

Compared to India, we are apparently terrified of colour. We wear a lot of dark clothes and it makes us look overly serious sometimes. So, embrace the vivid fun that Indian fashion brings and try out some bright colors and patterns. A nice patola bag or a paisley maxi skirt are great options. Just enjoy your fashion for once, don’t be afraid of pieces that are loud, bright and eye-catching. Red, yellow purple and azure blue, pick whatever suits you and rock it.


There’s no better way to make a statement than to wear good jewellery. An arm full of multiple bangles and bracelets is so iconic in India and it can make any plain outfit interesting. Wear a simple shirt and maxi skirt and then decorate your arm with some bling. Large earrings are also an excellent idea, and so are long necklaces, but make sure to stick to just one of these things otherwise you risk overcomplicating your outfit and looking ridiculous. For evening wear, you might wish to try out a maang tikka which is bound to make you stand out anywhere you go.

Try some traditional pieces

Nothing like a good sari to feel like you’re truly embracing the Indian style. Widely associated with grace and beauty, a sari is iconic and can look good on anyone. The cropped shirt worn underneath is called a choli and even though it bares your midriff, it’s not considered indecent in any way. Beside a sari, a ghagra skirt is a light, easy way to dress for summer, so pair it with a cute tank top to make the perfect outfit. A Nehru jacket is a good option for the evening, and it’s appropriate for both men and women. 

If you look to India for your inspiration you’ll find a lot of fun and plenty of colour. This is generally a good approach to summer fashion, so don’t be afraid to study other cultures and incorporate small details into your everyday style. Try these tips and you can look forward to a beautiful, relaxed summer in comfortable, stylish clothes. 

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