How Your Health Hygiene Complements Your Fashion Sense

The way we look contributes to how we are seen in the society. Our appearance plays a significant role in what our peers, parents, clients, and bosses see in us. Grooming and hygiene go hand in hand, which is something most people do not understand. William Shakespeare in a quote said “clothes make the man,” and we are to emulate this to avoid embarrassment. In this piece, you will get to know what to look into when trying to look good and also maintain your hygiene levels. Mentioned are tips that will help you get there.


We all have had a full head of hair at some point in our lives. We either chopped it all off, trimmed it or due to some illnesses, have had receding hairlines. To keep your hair neat and make it appealing to other people as well as yourself, you need to take proper care of it.

Understanding the type of hair that you have will enable you to take proper care of it regardless of the weather. Consult your hair stylist on what kind of hair you have, and the type of shampoo, conditioner you should use according to your hair type and color.


Proper washing, with shampoo, conditioner, and treating either bi-weekly, or three times a week, followed by appropriate care will guarantee that your hair stays glossy, looks healthy and will make boost your confidence as well. This is mainly due to the compliments you will get from your peers and other people. Nourishing your hair with protein, eating healthy, using fewer heat tools, exercising, using the right brush all contribute to the health of your hair and how you will look to the outside world. Also, a crucial factor to consider is the type of hairstyle that you have should not be a nuisance to you while you work. This will make you look unprofessional, and the degree of respect you expect from your colleagues isn’t there, or you are not taken seriously. Choose wisely, consider your style, profession and make your hair match what you are doing. Consult your hairstylist if you cannot come up with one that is suitable.

Your beard, nose hair, all the hair on your face should be cleaned and taken care of appropriately. Trim your beard to make it look more appealing, do the same to your nose hair (if you have any), the tiny ones that spring from your ear, and moles. Keep your face as appealing as you possibly can.

Mouth Hygiene

We talk to various people throughout the day, and at times, it is common to have bad breath. This can be attributed to some issues such as; consuming foods that have a terrible odor like garlic. Smoking cigarettes, which will always leave a bad smell in your mouth. Some medical disorders will cause mouth odor, for instance, kidney/liver diseases, throat infections, cancer. If you have braces on, when not properly cleaned, the food particles in them will contribute to ill health.

It is essential to visit your dentist regularly to have your teeth and mouth checked for any infections if your cleaning habits are doing any harm to your teeth and gums and to show you the proper cleaning technique. You can consult your dentist on some issues that you may have concerning mouth odor, and how to combat it. You can use mouthwash or mints to give your mouth a fresh breathe after eating. If your teeth are stained, you can have them whitened, or cleaned by your dentist. If your oral health plummets, then you may need to get a procedure done—like getting dental implants in Rockford, IL or wherever you are located—to prevent decay and keep your teeth healthy.

Foot Wear and Foot Health

Various shoe trends have been there since the beginning of time and only been adjusted to suit modern times, and those that have been recently introduced. Different shapes, sizes, color, and design attract various clients to a particular set of shoes, but your comfort should not be in the expense of a right looking shoe, as there will be consequences later on in life.

Maintaining your feet hygiene is crucial, as the feet are a conduit on how your health is. The feet can be used to detect heart disease, kidney ailments, chemical deficiencies and diabetes among others. By practicing daily foot hygiene, you are guaranteed to have good feet. Such practices include; changing your socks and shoes as often as possible. Checking your feet if there are any signs of trouble. Trimming your toenails frequently. Selecting the correct shoes and socks depending on the activity you are to engage. Consider putting an insole to protect and cushion your soles. Wash, dry and moisturize your feet.

Proper fit and comfort are essential in foot health. Find a footwear manufacturer that has a wide range of style, color, quality and the prices are also friendly. For instance, Hush Puppies have a wide range of fashion for children, men, and women. For everyday use such as running, walking, Dr. Scholl’s Air Pillos are quite pleasant to cushion your tired feet. Make sure you exercise, clean and paying attention to any abnormalities will ensure that you have proper feet and it can save you from problems that might arise years later.

Overall Appearance

You should make sure that your body odor is taken care of before you leave the house. Take a shower regularly, if you miss one day and put on tons of perfume and cologne, one will still know you did not take a shower. The fragrance and cologne are to compliment your natural body odor not overpower it or make you smell weird. Choose a cologne that will make your natural scent better and not overwhelm the people around you.

Other Specifications

Trim your nails. Keep them short and clean. This is overlooked at times, but to some people, it is an excellent impression of who you are as a person. Take care of your cuticles as well. If you have nail polish, make sure it is not chipped, if so, clean it off to make your nails look impressive. To dress according to clothes that fit your body and not a size too big or small. The fit of your attire will attribute much what kind of impression you are portraying to the world. Always check for the shoulder seams, trouser hemlines and the length of the jacket sleeves to make sure they fit your body perfectly.

The way you dress has a significant impact on the way people perceive you. Your sense of style and your hygiene do complement each other more than people know. You want to be known as the best-dressed person people have seen in that day or week or year. Your dressing will increase your level of confidence as well as your behavior and attitude. Use the points above to help you dress better and take your health more seriously than you did before.

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