Finding the best curling iron is hard, but learning how to use a curling iron for fine hair, thick and even curly hair is actually pretty easy. If you want to know how to properly use one, you have come to the right place.

  1. Wash your hair a day before.
    When using a curling iron, if you really want the curls to last as long as possible, it’s best to wash your hair the day before and properly blow dry it or let it dry naturally overnight.

    You can even use a curling iron in a two-day dirty hair, since the curls will last longer that way. Just remember to wash your hair a couple of days in advance before using the curling iron on your hair.
  2. Prepare your hair first.
    Before putting your hair through a great amount of heat, make sure it’s properly protected. To do this you can apply heat protector as necessary all throughout your hair until it’s completely coated, but not oily.

    Also, make sure to comb your hair properly, getting rid off any type of knots you might have. The more you take care of your hair, the easier will it be to curl it and avoid more damage.
  3. Use the necessary equipment.
    All curling irons often come with a kit that includes heat-protection gloves, some hair clips and of course, a heat-proof case to put your curling iron away while you wait for it to cool off.

    Make sure you use the clips to properly separate your hair into more accessible, thinner sections, and use the gloves to protect your hands from the heat coming from the curling iron.
  4. Preheat the curling iron.
    Set the curling iron into a temperature that’s right for your hair. Keep in mind, the higher temperatures are meant for more thick and dense hair, meanwhile the lower temperatures work just fine for thinner hairs.

    Set the temperature to your preference and let the curling iron heat up as you separate your hair into sections. While it’s fully done, you can begin to use it, however, remind to put the gloves on!
  5. Curl your hair around the curling wand.
    Grab a strand of hair and curl it from the top to the tip all around the curling wand, curling away from your face, never inwards. Keep in mind, the less amount of hair your curl, the tighter the curl will be, resulting in very defined curls.

    Leave the hair around the curling iron for around five to ten seconds, just enough for the hair to curl properly. Do not leave it too long or else you can burn your hair, and damage it.
  6. Put the curl away with a bobby pin.
    Finally, to make sure your curl really sets in, take the piece of hair you just curled (while it’s still hot) and put it away with a bobby pin until you’ve finished curling all your hair.
  7. Turn off the curling iron and let it cool off.
    Make sure to turn the curling iron off before you unplugged. Most curling iron come with a heat-proof case you can put it in, however if it doesn’t, let cool off on the floor or on a non-flammable surface until it is cool and you can put it away.
  8. Set the curls in with hair spray.
    Once the curls had time to properly cool off, remove the bobby pins and run your hand through your hair to loose them up a little bit. Then, apply a generously amount of hair spray to set in the curls and you are ready to go!

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