Do you know where to start when choosing your dress? The first step is to define your style. If you want to have fun with your friends and be comfortable, choose something more casual and fresh; a dress where you can dance all night and have a good time. If your style is a little more striking and you like to Excel, you can look for something more elegant and eye-catching like a Jovani homecoming dress, something that makes you special and unique that night.

2 Short or long

Now that you know what style you are looking for, the length of the dress is a critical factor. Homecoming dresses are short, but this is not a rule. If you feel good in a short dress, you can choose one above the knee and start from there to the height that you like. On the other hand, if you are a bit more conservative or shy and short dresses are not your style, you can choose one below the knee and if it is difficult to decide for one or another then choose a dress that is short and long same time, in addition to being unique and different.

3 Color does matter

To be able to define a color that not only you like but that looks perfect in you, you can be guided by the tone of your skin, choose a color that highlights your natural beauty. If your skin tone is paler try red or black dresses, if you do not like these you can try the green, blue or gold tones. Already if you have a warmer and tanned skin tone the lighter tones will contrast and make you look beautiful, choose between white, yellow, green and any pastel tone.

4 Accessories

To complement your style without looking too stuffy, you can consider some accessories like a clutch if you want to carry a wallet and a necklace that matches your earrings and the color of the dress. To make it even more special if you have a companion that night or want to combine with your girls, you can wear a corsage to give a unique and feminine touch to your outfit.

5 The final touch.

Remember that less is more. When you have determined your style, the type of dress and color, make sure that everything combines, that it is in harmony and above all, if you want to excel in the dance, you must take great care not to look too overloaded. For this choose the protagonist of your outfit. If your dress has many brightnesses, details and different colors, then he will be the protagonist. Therefore he chooses few accessories; he wears a more natural and fresh makeup and hair. If your dress does not have many details, glue or a lot of brightness, then you can give it an up with some more striking accessories, makeup and more elaborate and different hair.

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