How to Buy a High-Quality Bikini That Fits Perfectly

Buying a bikini that fits perfectly is rarely easy. You obviously want a bikini that compliments your body, but not all bikinis will do this. With such a wide variety of styles available, it’s understandable that not every type of bikini will fit your body perfectly, as some happen to suit certain body shapes more than others.

Bikinis are like any other types of clothing – not everything will suit you and you probably won’t like everything that does. However, by taking the time to find a perfectly fitting bikini, you can expect to be much happier with the results.

In fact, once you know what styles and sizes of bikini fit you best, it should make bikini shopping much more enjoyable going forward!

Here’s some tips for buying a bikini that fits perfectly.

High quality garments always fit better

Bikinis are often quite expensive, and while this necessary given they need to be water and chlorine proof, it’s also a sign that they will fit much better. The reason for this is that high quality bikinis are made with more care, resulting in fabrics that rarely pinch or bow.

Cheap bikinis tend to do this, and if they can’t handle the rough and tumble then they will likely fall apart eventually. Quality doesn’t just result in better fabrics, but also features such as trims and hooks will always look better and less likely to fall apart.

Therefore, high quality bikinis are already going to be better fitting than their low-quality counterparts!

Know your sizes and body type

To find the best fitting bikini, you need to know your sizes and preferably have a rough idea of your overall body shape. This allows you to avoid styles that won’t fit as well as others, allowing you to focus on bikinis that complement your shape.

For instance, those with a smaller bust may find triangle bikini tops fit best, while bustier women will want a style that offer more support, such as halter necklines, thicker straps. Knowing your size also ensures you can avoid bikinis that are too small, which is always recommended!

Of course, not all manufacturers sizes match, so it’s always a good idea to use these as rough estimates. Check size charts to see how what sizes are recommended, and consider getting two sizes to compare how each one fits, especially when buying online! 

Try different styles on

This is a great way to determine which styles suit your size and shape best. Include items you may not initially like at a glance, as you never know what styles and fits may look great on your body. You would be surprised what style of bikini flatters you most, so never be afraid to try something on!

It’s always a good idea to try on bikinis at home too. Stores tend to have very strong lighting which can be deceivingly unflattering. Try them at home with some nice lighting and when you’re feeling good!

Use colours, fabrics and patterns to your advantage

Finding a perfectly fitting bikini isn’t always about the size and shape of the garment – sometimes colours and patterns are just as important.

For instance, using bright colours will draw attention to that area of your body, so be sure to use this for the areas you are most proud of. Bright colours are also great for darker skin tones, helping to hide less loved areas while flattering what you like.

Don’t like an area? Try using less vibrant, solid colours to make it less noticeable.

Similarly, certain fabrics can be used to achieve that perfect fit. For example, ruffles are ideal for adding more volume to an area (such as the bust) while shirred and ruched fabrics are great for minimising volume.

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