Fifty shades of Blonde: From Blorange to Bronde

Hair trends are always changing, but one thing is sure: blonde will never go out of fashion. It came back once again, armed with countless new shades and varieties that won our hearts over. It makes young girls look older and sexier, and at the same time makes older ones look younger and much more desirable. All you need to do is find your perfect shade. It is all about balance – opt for cool, pale tones if your skin is fair, or choose warmer and deeper hues if your complexion is darker.

With all that being said, here is a list of trendiest blonde shades of 2017. Pick your favourite one and run to your hair saloon immediately.


A thing that almost all the blondes usually tried to avoid became the biggest hit of the year. It is where blonde meets orange, and it is already embraced by many celebrities – from Gigi Hadid to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

This hair colour became so popular because people realized that it plays amazingly well with natural hair tones, and compliments almost all skin tones, especially during winter.

Creamy blonde

If you want that “Pamela Baywatch” vibe, you should go for this colour. It is a creamy mixture of white tones and golden blonde, and it looks fabulous on paler skin with blue/green eyes. In other words, if you think of yourself as Poppy Delevingne’s double, definitely try this colour out.

White blonde

People can either totally rock this bold matte colour (like Rita Ora does), or end up looking like a ghost - there is no in between. To really rock this colour, your skin needs to have that orangish tone, and you need a pair of piercingly brown eyes. Oh, also, this colour goes great with a red lipstick.

Face-framing balayage

Balayage became a hit not so long ago, and it already won many hearts over. This hairdo is perfect for those who are not satisfied with having just one hair colour. Simply make your ends lighter than the rest of your hair by creating creamy blonde flashes – it will really make your face stand out.

Golden platinum blonde

Of course the always popular “Old Hollywood glamorous colour” is here. And we all know who we can thank for it: that’s right, the Hollywood icon of the ‘50s - Marilyn Monroe. Now, in 2017 countless celebrities are rocking this shade, from Gwen Stefani, all the way to beautiful Kylie Jenner. This is the color for all of you brave chicks that want to stand out wherever you go. And if you want to copy Marilyn's effortless curls the best choice is high quality baby bliss pro curler.

Silver blonde

This is a blonde with a hard core, heavy metal twist. It has been here for a while now and it remained popular through 2017, as well. You’ve seen this sterling shade on Ellie Goulding, and it is probably the hardest blonde shade to achieve. Simply put, many girls have a red undertone which doesn’t go away so easily, so if you want to try this shade out, consult with your hairdresser first and don’t attempt to dye your hair on your own.

Baby blonde

All you need to do to achieve this shade is freshen up your dark blonde hair a little bit with subtle micro highlights and voila – you’ll end up with a super trendy hairdo. This shade will give you a beautiful, youthful (baby) look, like the one Amanda Seyfried rocks. This look goes great with pale skin and blue eyes.


And finally, the bronde. It is not blond, but it is not brown either, so logically, it is the mixture of those two – bronde. The person who rocked this style in 2015 was Blake Lively (the woman who looks incredible in any blonde shade). If you want this look, tell your hairstylist that you want natural highlights and a blended toner, because it is going to mix the blond and brown colours together to create this awesome shade. Luckily, nowadays, there are many great hair colour products that can help you achieve your desired shade in no time.

That would be it. So, the next time you feel that you are missing that “wow factor”, try to go with any of these shades. Trust us, you won’t go wrong.

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