Fashion Rules for Grooms: It's All in the Details

For what seems like an eternity, grooms have been unfairly overlooked. The eyes have always been on the bride, and the choice of her attire has been number one priority. Now, thankfully, the tides are turning and we are entering the age of ‘groomzilla’. Men have become increasingly aware that it takes more than just putting on a suit to look their best on one of the most important and memorable days of their lives. Now, while the fashion awakening is in progress, there are still grooms out there who, when it comes to picking and choosing their wedding attire find themselves in unfamiliar waters. That’s where you as the fashion-savvy bride should step in and guide your man through this process, so when the big day comes, all eyes will be on both of you.

‘Suit’ the occasion

While we do have a firm belief that details have the power to complete and elevate the outfit – the saying ‘devil in the details’ isn’t for nothing, you must first find the perfect canvas in order to paint it with those details. By canvas, we, of course, mean great men’s wedding suits. Now, the first thing you need to bear in mind is the type of wedding you two are planning. If it’s a super-formal event taking place at an upscale hotel, particularly if it’s an evening affair, that definitely calls for dark, well-tailored suit or a tux. If on the other hand, your wedding is more of a laid-back daytime event, casual wear (lighter-colored suits made of fabrics like seersucker or khakis) is just what the style doctor ordered.

The perfect fit

Yes, the two of you are a perfect fit for each other, but at this time, that’s not what we mean – at this moment it’s all about the suit. One of the most crucial elements that can make or break the groom’s entire look is the fit. The perfect suit should provide with enough movement. The groom should be able to dance, raise his arms and simply BE comfortable. Most shops, regardless of whether you’re renting or buying provide a tailoring service, so keep certain rules in mind. First, the jacket sleeve hem should fall at the wrist bone with about one-fourth to one-half inch of the shirt cuff showing below, while the bottom hem should cover the butt and the vent shouldn't pull open – these are very important details you should pay close attention to. Your pants should be just loose enough so you can walk and sit comfortably. As the length, it should cover the top one-third of the shoes. Remember – even the most expensive suit will look disastrous if the tailoring isn’t absolute perfection.

The power of three

Second only to the perfect suit is the search for the perfect three – the belt, the shoes, and a great watch. Some grooms have trouble with color-coordination, so a visual guide is something that comes really handy. The belt should be in the exact same shade as the shoes – there is absolutely nothing worse than a ‘miscommunication’ in this department. Finally, there is the watch – the ultimate sign of sophistication and masculinity. If you’re looking for that perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and progressive, modern design watches are an impeccable choice. The best part is that you can order these fashionable watches online and save precious time that would be spent scouting for watches in stores.

A little coordination goes a long way

Yes, the groom isn’t supposed to see the wedding dress until the big day, but you know what your dress, bouquet, makeup, and jewelry are like, so use the colors of those details and help your groom out. For instance, if your wedding bouquet is white and the ribbon around it is royal blue, suggest he wears a square pocket or a tie in that color. Your lipstick or jewelry should match the color of his boutonniere – the choices are endless, so just make sure you sit down and get your detail ducks in a row. That way, when you make your grand entrance, you will look like the perfect union you are. Bonus tip: ensure that the groomsmen don’t have the same kind of tie or bowtie as well as the boutonniere as the groom – he is the one who needs to pop.

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