Fall 2018 Color Trends: The Gender Neutral Effect

If there are still infidels among you who do not believe that Pantone and the army of brilliant designers cannot possibly come up with yet another outstanding palette – brace yourselves, your mind is about to be blown to very colorful bits. One might think that the notion of gender neutral sounds like a bland one, especially if you have already picked up the pastel vibe of a multitude of collections.

And yet, here we are, ready to greet the fall and winter season with a fresh take on an old concept that has just been given a true revival. Once again, these shades tell a much deeper, more meaningful story of the human identity, and how we shape our perception through different modes of self-expression. Let’s see what the upcoming cool seasons have in store for us!

The mood of nude

The notion applies to so much more than just your wardrobe selection, and the past few weeks have been an ideal example of that. The catwalks were brimming with almost makeup-free beauties, with just a dab of color on the lips or a few glitzy crystals on the eyelids, as seen in the Kate Spade collection.

The color palette is equally daring in its lack of loud. Used with the same purpose as the unisex sweats and hoodies, the nude hues strip off the pose and leave nothing but the naked truth of freedom. Freedom of expression, freedom to take a break from labels such as “manly”, “feminine”, “girly”, or “gay”. And so, in the spirit of ageless, genderless, raceless fashion, we use our own skin and all of its shades as the main inspiration for fall beauty.

Nature calls

Hand in hand with nude go all the shades that Mother Nature loves in fall. Think: rusty orange, chocolate brown, sunset red, and olive green, all in balance with the idea that we ought to go back to the timeless basics.

These colors exude warmth and comfort of that toasty cocoa mug next to the fireplace. Earthy shades paired with a more eco-conscious approach in making fashion (as with Dr. Carmen Hijosa's Piñatex – made from pineapple leaves) reflect a changed mindset in making fashion that lasts.

Gender neutral color schemes

The idea of embracing neutral tones in fashion stems from the need to change the outlook of the world. Fashion designer superstar Gabriele Colangelo, the leader of the Master Course in Womenswear Fashion Design at Raffles Milano, likes to think that fashion is not a mere reflection of today, but a deliberate movement in the right direction, towards a future we should all strive for.

And gender-neutral, but powerful camel, quetzal green, ultra violet, martini olive, and similar tones dominate the catwalks and the streets alike. With emotions as our guiding star in fashion creation, we strive for an empowered, loving tomorrow, that is also label-free.

Seasonless and characterful

Gender-neutral and nude doesn’t mean that we must relinquish all our quirky oranges and yellows, on the contrary! In the spirit of seasonless, as described by Pantone, fall is not strictly in the colors of fall, but entirely open to brighter ideas that may perhaps conjure up images of beachy cocktails or flower meadows.

If anything, ultra violet is the prime example of this rebellious attitude, where designers use and simultaneously redefine the idea of what is considered nude, gender-neutral, or perfect for a particular season. This bold color of the universe, resembling a galactic explosion of wonder cannot be tied to a single season, and yet it brightens up all four of 2018.

From our need to ensure a united tomorrow, and take action to reduce the impact we’ve thus far had on our planet, fashion has once again used its influence to take a stand. And even more importantly, in doing so, it strives to make a difference by showing that there should be none among us.

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