Creating Your Own Style: How to Use Your Clothes to Truly Stand Out

A person’s clothes are more than just a way for them to be presentable. They should also make a statement about their sense of self and fashion ability. If you want to express yourself in the best way possible, you need to develop your clothing attitude. Here are four tips on how to use your clothes to truly stand out.

Matching Colors

Certain clothes colors go better together than others. For instance, red and blue can go well together. However, orange and green don’t work so well when combined. While you do need to find proper coordination, you should also be true to yourself. If you see a combination that you like that’s somewhat unorthodox, use it. You can give yourself a totally individualistic style this way.

Unique T-Shirts

You might think of T-shirts as just being something you throw on after work or on weekends. Don’t let your clothes just be an afterthought, T-shirts or not. You should look for unique T-shirts that will catch the attention of others through great designs. Look for shirts from companies like Alien Love Child or similar companies that have designs that are tasteful, rather than overly busy. You might also look into screen printing your own T-shirts. Make sure that you are washing them properly and on a regular basis.

Show Contrast

Are your outfits feeling rather one-note? Maybe they’re too dark or too light. You might need to balance the tones of your outfits. If you have black jeans, you can match it with a white top. You can also try things like polka dots to add further color contrast. You want to give yourself as much distinction as possible with your outfits.

Use Accessories

You can alter your clothes with various accessories to make a true statement. You might try bedazzling your blouses and pants. You might also try adding some necklaces and bracelets that add some sparkling wonder. Don’t let your accessories overpower your outfit too much. You want them to all be balanced with one another. Showing the proper restraint can go a long way in terms of expressing style.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to use your clothes to truly stand out. You don’t have to dress too crazily or spend too much money. Instead, you just need to do everything you can to express your style. With these tips, you can develop your own voice, via your clothes.

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