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When you put on a suit, then you're dressing smart. But, when you put on a bow tie with your suit, you're making a STATEMENT.

Let's focus on black, navy, gray and charcoal suits and you can match them best with your Bow Ties.

Bow Tie with a Black Suit

Black is the most formal color in fashion and you can never go wrong with this combination. Pair your black suits and tuxedos with black bow ties for formal events. Black is a versatile color and you can pair any color bow tie with a black suit. Some of the bow tie color to wear with a black suit are Red, Burnt Orange, Midnight Blue and Hunter Green Bow Tie.

TIP: You can experiment with different colored and patterned shirts when wearing a bow tie with a black suit.

Brad Pitt Knows How to Rock a Bow Tie with Black

Bow Tie With A Charcoal Suit
You can wear Charcoal Suit to any occasion like work, casually, funeral, etc, whereas black is mostly for formal affairs. Unlike Black, which is a formal color, a Charcoal coloured suit can be worn on various occasions. Its suitable for work, casual diner or a funeral. Charcoal is again a neutral color, which will match with any other color. Some color ideas when wearing a bow tie with a charcoal suit are Navy Bow Tie, Midnight Green Bow Tie, Walnut Bow Tie, etc.

The Bond Charcoal Suit-

Bow Tie with Suit
Grey goes well with a wide range of colors, so you will not have too much difficulty finding the right color bow tie. But, too much grey in your outfit can lead to a dull look. So, try and pep it up with bright bow ties. Some color ideas when wearing a bow tie with a grey suit includes Burgundy, Yellow Bow Tie, Brown and Lavender.

Grey Suit with Yellow Bow Tie

Bow Tie with a Navy Suit
Navy is again a very versatile and can be worn to any different types of events. If you're going for formal event, pair your navy suit with darker bow tie like Red. But, if you're going for an informal party, pair your navy with a lighter color. Crimson Red, Burgundy , Mint Green and Pink are some color ideas while matching a bow ties with a navy suit.

TIP: Keep in mind that brighter colors and bigger patterns are less formal than smaller patterns and darker colors.

Red Bow Tie and Navy Blue Suit
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