Boring Bedroom? 4 Fun Decorating Tips to Bring It to Life

Your home is your safe place. It’s the one place in the entire world where you can be completely free, vulnerable and comfortable. In order for this to happen at the highest level, make sure to turn your house into a home by decorating it well. There’s nothing like living in a home and dealing with bland decorating. A great decorating job can completely transform a home. Consider these four fun ways to decorate and breathe new life into a boring room.


When most people think about decorating the largest space in a room, it tends to be the walls. However, there are plenty of other areas in the room that are large. The ceiling is one of those spaces and can be an excellent place to decorate. The most impactful way to decorate a ceiling involves printed wallpaper. It might take some time to install, but the impact of a pattern above your head will be worth it.


When you add texture to a room, it’s great for increasing the visual interest. You can do this by incorporating various accessories throughout the room. Decorative pillows in different fabrics work well. Instead of settling with paint on the walls, add a decorative wall installation. Faux bricks are increasing in popularity and offer a fun rustic appeal to a bedroom. Install wall panels and paint them the color of your choice.


Have fun with your bedroom furniture. Instead of a boring wooden bed, purchase a gorgeous velvet tufted headboard. Purchase interesting chairs and consider custom options for a one-of-a-kind appeal. If there’s an area where you’ll really want to invest money, it’d be the furniture. You want furniture that’ll last so don’t try to take the shortcut and be cheap. It’ll break down before you know it.

Natural Elements

Incorporate sunlight into your decor. Make sure you use curtains that allow the sunlight to come in during the day. At the same time, the curtains are great to make sure you have privacy at night. Add a few potted plants for indoor air quality and beauty. If you don’t have a green thumb, just purchase a bouquet of flowers when you do your grocery shopping. Add that bouquet to your bedside for a stunning natural element.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you need a little more inspiration, check out sites like Pinterest and Apartment Therapy. Consider using the assistance of an interior decorator. Check out what others are doing on YouTube to add some pizzazz to their homes. Once you bring all of your inspirational ideas together, it’s time to execute!

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