Best Swimsuits to Compliment Your Body Type

We all love summer. We all hate summer shopping. Especially swimsuit shopping. It has the unique ability to get us excited for the summer and completely depressed at the same time. But don’t worry – it happens to everyone and there are a few tricks to help you out: step out of the changing booth into natural light, bring some friends along for support and make sure you are trying on the types of swimsuits that are doing what you want for your body and making you feel great. So to help out with that, here’s what you should be looking for to match your body type.

Hourglass shape

Let’s start with the easiest one. If you have an hourglass-shaped body, you’re already winning. All bodies are great, but an hourglass is still the one everyone’s after because it’s the most balanced-our shape. To accentuate your curves and show off your waist, go for high-waisted bottoms and tops with good support, perhaps something bandeau-style. You can also perfectly pull off one-piece suits with strategic cut-outs at the waist. If you are concerned about a big bottom, go for something that has enough fabric not to give you a constant wedgie. If you’ve got bigger breasts, then thick straps, underwire and full-cup cuts are the things that will hold them up and keep them in place in the water and out.

Pear shape

If you’re heavier at the bottom and smaller up top, you are similar to a lovely pear. To balance out your body, you want to bring some attention to your upper area, and you can do this in a few ways. Go for a solid color at on the bottom and a flashy print at the top. Alternatively, you can dump the print and go for movement by looking for a top with beads, ruffles or any kind of fabric that will move around as you’re walking and swimming and draw attention to it. For your bottoms, you should take a look at high-quality designer bikinis, because you need good, thick fabric to hold everything in place.

Inverted triangle

If you’ve got a big chest and not much to match it at the bottom, then you want to do the complete opposite of the pear. Bring attention to your hips by wearing an extra-high cut bottom, preferably one that ties at the sides to give you some width. To hold up your chest, opt for full-width straps and a solid band at the back. If you find a sturdy enough top that can handle it, you can go strapless or get something with a decorative bralette-type bottom to give you more support from below. If you have a very small waist, you are probably one of the only body types that can pull off a skirt-bikini, since it will give you fullness and some movement without being overpowering.

Apple shape

If you’re an apple shape, it means that you are carrying all of your weight around your tummy, which can make wearing a bikini hard, since it basically outlines your stomach which you might not want to put on display. But this doesn’t have to mean wearing a full-coverage black one-piece that swallows you whole! Look for something with strategic cuts that will show off plenty of skin, but keep the eye off the center. Something that has fabric bunching up at the side will automatically give the illusion of a flat tummy no matter how much skin you’re showing. Go for bold prints rather than solid colors to further help mask any area you don’t want to get the focus. If you do want to go for a two-piece, then something that comes up high on the bottom and that ties on the chest with a deep plunge will give you a good silhouette.

Remember that a “beach body” is whatever body you have when you are at the beach. There’s no one right way to have a body and you should embrace and love yourself no matter what shape you come in. Don’t let negative thoughts get you down and allow yourself to have fun at the beach and the pool without worrying about what your body looks like. Having the right swimsuit will help with that feeling, but you should remember that it all starts with the right mindset.

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