Activewear Trends from Around the Globe

Since the era of the internet-famous supermodels such as Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner begun, a super quiet yet such a powerful force entered the world of fashion. It is neither elegant nor bold, it is rather casual – for some maybe even too casual. It’s also very stretchy and comfy. That’s right, you guessed it – it is activewear.

We are now totally allowed to wear yoga pants, sneakers and a hoodie when going to the movies or to grab a cup of coffee with friends without having anyone looking at us like total weirdos. And just because you’ll get sweaty there, the gym is not the place to wear your old cotton tee and worn out basketball shorts. Incorporate some style into your workouts the right way. Here are the biggest activewear trends from around the globe you should definitely consider trying out.

Crop tops

Even though sneakers are still at the very top of every athleisure list, crop tops have gained in popularity over the past couple of seasons. Activewear crop tops became so popular because women across the US and the UK tend to stick to minimalist outfits when hitting the gym. They basically became must-have pieces for all those who are seriously committed to fitness. If you feel comfortable showing off your core just go for it!

Compression leggings

Leggings, especially compression leggings, are a staple workout piece that can probably be found in every single gym bag in the world. They are the best possible garment for both lifters and joggers. Speaking of joggers, the Japanese are crazy about stylish compression clothing that makes jogging sessions much more enjoyable. The popularity of leggings is constantly increasing, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere.

Besides making jogging sessions more enjoyable, compression clothing has many other benefits. Firstly, due to its graduated compression that stimulates body circulation – it helps with after-exercise recovery. How? As blood flow through the muscles is increased, there will be less lactic acids building up. Because of this, your muscles will be a lot less sore and stiff after your workout session. In other words, you won’t just follow a world-wide trend, but your body will be thankful for it as well.

Wrap it up

Countries with harsher climates have also found a way to rock activewear during those cold days. And that is how all those athleisure staples for cold weather have come to life. If you look closely, you will probably see many girls working out in wrap-up fitness sweaters combined with leggings and cool sneakers. And that is the true beauty of athleisure trend – pairing the ‘unpairable’.


Iridescence is present on runways all around the world – whether it is hair, makeup or fashion. And we sure dig the athleisure variation. In other words, we cannot really say where it came from. Maybe India? Regardless of the origins, it is as if all those futuristic movies from the 80s finally came to life. It is all about that new-age compilation of exaggerated and mesmerizing textures, metallic effects and luminous and wild hues.

Winter athleisure

Just because in some countries like Australia the winter is slowly approaching, it doesn’t mean that people should dress like abominable snowmen. The winter sports attire is having quite a breakthrough, as zipper-up jumpsuits made out of trendy materials like nylon and mesh are taking over the fashion scene. Even though you are fully covered, the material still breathes – which is highly important, because none of us wants our clothes to get glued to our body. Plus, you don’t have to worry about matching the bottom and the top.

What do you think about these trends? Will you try one of them out for your next workout session? Let us know in the comment section below.

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