A-List Inspiration: No-Makeup Makeup Look

A-List Inspiration: No-Makeup Makeup Look

Who doesn’t like having perfect, glowing skin, soft lips and long eyelashes? Sadly, we weren’t all blessed with perfect complexion and some of us have to work pretty hard to get it. Applying makeup is a form of art and the more natural we want to look while wearing it, the more things we actually have to do. Still, for going to work, this is the best option because it will make you look fresh and well rested. What’s more, Fashion Week has once again places a ‘no-makeup’ makeup look on top of this year’s list.

1 – Clean your face

You should cleanse your skin every day, but doing it too many times is not good. The best time to cleanse your face is in the evening, and you can use micellar water to remove makeup and dirt. If you do it in the evening, you will only need to wash your face with cold water in the morning and you’ll be ready for makeup.

2 – Moisturize

Depending on your skin type, you should carefully pick the right moisturizer, or you risk walking around with your skin oilier than usual. Rich, thick ones should be used in the evening, but in the morning, you should pick a light one which will help you retain moisture without making your skin oily.

3 – Primer

Not to prime is a crime, especially when you’re aiming for that natural look. Primer is incredibly important because it fixates the makeup on your face and makes it last longer. You don’t want your makeup to smudge, right? Use a skin-brightening primer which will invigorate and brighten your skin, giving you a fresh complexion.

4 – Foundation

Foundation is the step you can skip if you have naturally dry skin. Still, if you want to use it, pick the liquid one because these will not dry out your skin further. If your skin is naturally oily, pick powder foundations – these will ‘soak up’ excess oils.

5 – Highlighters and bronzers

Depending on how light/dark your complexion is, you can use bronzers and highlighters. Since it’s daytime, you don’t want your makeup to appear too heavy, so you can only add a touch of highlighter to your cheekbones and the tip of your nose. If you’re in a hurry, a plain old sparkly eye shadow will do the trick.

6 – Blush

While you can use blush that’s a bit bolder when going out, during the day, you should pick a gentle barely-there shade which will make you look fresh, not sick.

7 – Make your eyes stand out

If you have problems with puffy eyelids in the morning, a great trick is to put a bit of whitish nude pencil to your lower eyelids. After you’ve applied it, use a blending eye shadow blush to diffuse it and swirl the brush over the liner’s tip so that you apply a bit of pencil to the inner corner of your eye. Don’t apply more than two coats of mascara, and use eyebrow powder to make your eyebrows stand out more.

8 – The right lipstick

As much as bold lipsticks are popular these last couple of seasons, for a no-makeup look you’ll need a nude, discreet shade that will look natural on your lips. Always pick a shade that goes well with your skin tone. If you want, you can also use sheer lip gloss – it’s noticeable but it will give you that soft, ‘girly’ look.

Applying makeup so that it looks like you’ve not actually applied any makeup is difficult; it takes a lot of patience and practice to master the skill. Don’t be lazy – go out and spend a day looking for products which will look great on you: the right lipstick, foundation and bronzer. Everyone’s skin is different, so you should see for yourself what looks best on you, and not just blindly follow someone else’s advice.


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