A guide to buying yourself a camera that fits :

With the era of smartphones, most of us don't feel the need to purchase a camera. Smartphones are well equipped to provide you with a decent image that you can later print if you like. Camera's are mostly purchased by those that require higher quality images, interesting zoom feature, or mostly likely are bought by professionals. When we think of purchasing a camera, very few of us really know what goes behind selecting a camera.

One might say buying a basic, decent and functional camera can do the trick but if all cameras where created with an equal purpose then why would there be so many different kinds?

The reason for this is each camera is manufactured and developed keeping certain consumer needs in mind. While some would opt for buying a camera that allows you to point and shoot, holding the same features as that of your smartphone. More than a quarter of users have admitted that the quality of their camera may in some way influence their purchase.

This guide will help you find a suitable camera that satisfies your needs :

Let's first talk about the different cameras that are available to make it easier for you to distinguish which one would be the right fit for you.

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Point and shoot :

These camera would be similar to a basic smartphone camera. This is an entry level camera that allows you to, as it's name suggests, point and shoot. Most current smartphones boast better quality cameras that that of a basic point and shoot. If you're looking for something simple than we would suggest you go ahead with this.

Point and shoot camera have automatic operations like auto focusing so you don't have to worry about adjusting your focus while taking your photos. They also have automatic white balancing and auto-expose to provide you with decent and usable images.

Unlike a DSLR and mirror less cameras that are designed for high level image capturing this does not need any extra thought, it's literally as simple as pointing the camera and shooting a picture.

It's nature makes these cameras extremely affordable and can be used as a handy gift option.

Bridge Cameras :

A step up from a point and shoot would the bridge or ultra zoom. While the picture quality proves to be better and they allow you to zoom, the internal components remain the same. If you had to explain it's use to someone you could say it was a cross between the internal system of a point and shoot with the form and focus of a DSLR.

These where built with the need to challenge the growing demand of users opting to stick to their smart phones as photo tool. Their zoom is what differentiates them from a smart phone.
If you are worried about compatibility and size you can always opt to buy a low budget camera. They allow you to to take simple images like a point and shoot along with the luxury of zoom.

Though they may not be as powerful as a DSLR or a high budget Ultra Zoom, if can be used for outdoor photography.

Mirror less cameras :

If you aren't interested in the above two types of cameras, there are chances you're opting to buy yourself a DSLR. Well, we're here to tell you, you have another option. A mirrorless camera allows you to enjoy the features of a DSLR without the hassle of the size.

Auto focus is available in a mirrorless camera and their video quality is usually very impressive. They are also newer than DSLR's which is why their video quality tends to be up to the mark. Lenses are now increasingly popular as they are compatible with modern buying trends of a balanced performance and affordability.

Mirrorless camera's are now starting to give their digital counterparts competition with experts option to purchase these instead of bulky and heavier DSLR's. You can find great deals for a mirrorless camera on CouponCodesME. They're offering Canon EOS M50 mirrorless cameras for AED 2,697.

Most people have bought themselves a DSLR. It takes high quality images, has most of the features we've previously mentioned and come in several different kinds to suit the needs of most.

If you're wary of spending too much money on a DSLR you can opt to buy yourself an entry level DSLR but they may lack newer features such as WiFi and weatherization.

There are many things that you can do to accessories your DSLR and there are so many ways you can save money while doing it. TomTop offers you 10% off on camera and photo acessories.

In all probability you are paying for the camera body more than the lens and have to learn to automate it's manual features rather than previously seen automatic ones.

If you know your way around a DSLR, your picture will be of top quality. But you might have to shell out a few more bucks to buy yourself lenses.

There are many DIY ways by which you can spruce up your DSLR. The budget would be an investment but if you're opting to buy yourself a DSLR that would obviously mean you mean business.

We've given you the low down on the different kinds of cameras that are available in the market. Make sure the camera you choose is in sync with the needs and utility you wish to see in a camera. Certain things such as the ability to control your ISO, it's different capture modes, the number of mega pixels, and image stabilization are points that you should consider while buying your next camera.

So don't be in a hurry and try to follow a fad you might not understand.

There are many newer trendy cameras that are now in vogue, from drones that help you take high altitude photos to security cameras that allow you to video record footage in real time. The options are endless. CouponCodesMe offers you discount and deals on all these cameras and more! With massive saves on drone cameras, you can save up to 16$ on your drone purchases.

So why don't you check them out and find a suitable camera that fits your budget.

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