A gentleman is known for the company he keeps and the shoes he wears. Some or the other variation of this statement has been heard by all of us at least once in our lives. Did you ever stop to wonder the origin of this wonderful saying? What connection does a pair of shoes have with a gentleman? How can the qualities of a man be judged by the shoe he wears?

Well, as superficial as it may sound, this saying has some truth and logic behind it. The shoes a man wear talks a lot about his taste and preferences. When it comes to shoes for men, there are so many different types of shoes one can find in the market - every single one of them unique in its own style. So, how does one choose the best one out? And what is the guarantee that it'll work for sure?

We have put together a list of shoes that will one hundred per cent work when it comes to distinguishing your style and taste in front of an unsuspecting stranger.

1. Formal shoes

The best bet is men's formal shoes. This pair can never go wrong. Either dark brown or black in colour, they look sleek and plush. Worn with suits and formal wear, they provide an added chicness to the outfit. Spiffy in looks and comfortable beyond measure, Rosso Brunello boasts of a huge range of formal shoes.

2. Mocassins

A new fashion that has taken the market by rage is the trend of mocassins. They're spiffy and smart, without being too overwhelming in their personality. Casual yet formidable, they can be worn with semi-formal attires or for semi-casual work events. They can be worn on pants or jeans, depending on the nature of the event.

3. LoafersSlightly better than plain sandals, loafers make the casual also look dressy. There are many times in a man's life when one just needs something casual to go with the cool shorts one has just bought. Loafers work wonderfully for such situations.

4. Sneakers

Everyone must have sports shoes. But do not make the mistake of buying those bulky white pieces which look like they're wearing your legs instead of the other way round. Go for simple yet smart pairs that are not very colourful or striking. When it comes to sneakers, the key is comfort and light weight.

5. Slippers

Every man must have slippers but even they have a way of choosing. It is best to go for neutral colours rather than striking ones as they make them look childish and ridiculous at time. Brown or leather straps work best when it comes to slippers though the material may differ according to the nature of usage.

Choose your pair of shoes with caution, boys. Remember, your shoes say a lot about you.

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