5 Ways to Reduce Unwanted Body Flaws

Having the “perfect” body means different things to different people. Some feel they only need to lose a few pounds, while others may obsess over every mole or wrinkle. But there are some very reasonable steps you can take to reduce most or all of your troublesome physical flaws.

Take Care of Yourself

The best way to maintain your appearance is regular exercise and a healthy diet. Yet so many people neglect both. They key is to make these a regular habit by finding choices that you actually like. Try playing tennis instead of going to the gym. Try salads and yogurt instead of pasta and pudding. Be creative. Mix things up a little to keep it interesting.

Skin Care

Everyone can agree that beautiful skin is one of the most attractive features there is. It pays to take care of yours. Regular sunlight is important, or at least vitamin D3 if you burn easily. Hydration, healthy collagen production, and cleansing and defoliating are also key. You can find any number of commercial products, but to avoid chemicals many people turn to natural solutions for better skin.


A major concern for nearly everyone is body hair. There’s nothing more embarrassing, especially in swimsuit season, than unwanted or excessive body hair in the wrong places. Electrolysis is a permanent solution that works by actually destroying each hair follicle with an electrical charge. However, it’s so painstaking that it’s usually slow and expensive, requiring multiple treatments. You can get temporary but more affordable results with things like shaving, depilatory creams, or waxing.

Laser Treatments

Today, doctors and other clinicians have a variety of lasers to take care of a wide range of problems. Some providers have machines that can be adjusted for a number of different applications. These can include more temporary hair removal, reducing scars and wrinkles, burning off moles, tattoos, or freckles, and skin peels. You can even find products for doing your own more limited laser treatments at home.

Cosmetic Surgery

Many people consider a visit to the plastic surgeon a last resort, but some body issues just can’t be solved any other way. And it’s often wise to catch problems such as sagging skin before they get worse. Any surgery is safer when you’re still relatively young and healthy. You might want to consider breast augmentation, tummy tucks, or an arm lift to remove excess tissue for a more sculpted look. These are common procedures done every day with great results.

Only you can decide what it is about your body you want to change. But whatever that is, rest assured you can find a safe and effective way to remedy these flaws.

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