5 Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs to Own



Putting a fabulous clothing combo together is what many ladies find very challenging. That’s mostly because they often don’t know what they want and therefore pick a lot of unnecessary details which are likely to ruin the whole outfit. If you’re one of them, too, you should know that there are some wardrobe basics every woman needs to own, so stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn about most important five of them!


The inevitable white T-shirt


No matter if you want to layer it under a slip dress or wear it combined with denim shorts, an ordinary white T-shirt is a wardrobe staple everyone should own. This piece is extremely versatile since you can wear it in many of different ways, which is what makes it so amazing. If you’re up for a casual combo, just match it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and canvas sneakers. On the other hand, if you need a bit more dressy outfit, just match it with a pencil skirt, black stilettos, and some gorgeous jewelry!


The timeless little black dress

The iconic little black dress was popularized by Coco Chanel back in the 1920s, and even though its silhouette has changed over the years, this piece is still at the top of any woman’s must-have list. Such dress is everything you need if you’re up for a simple yet really elegant and sophisticated look. We can all agree that knee-length is probably the best possible option, so check out designer fashion by Isabel Marant and opt for an upgraded little black dress that won’t let you stay unnoticed!


Flat shoes are always a good idea

A nice pair of flats is another wardrobe basic you simply need to own. The fact is that these will never go out of style, and this is particularly true if we’re talking about a classic pair of black ballet flats. They are so chic on the one hand, while being extremely comfortable on the other, which is a quality you mustn’t overlook. Wear them to dress up your casual jeans and button-down combo, or to tone down your trendy dress and make it appropriate for a cocktail hour after work. You’ll look stunning either way!


The stylish and classy black blazer


A stylish black blazer will inevitably add a touch of class to your every clothing combos, no matter how ordinary or plain it may seem. Clean lines and lack of unnecessary details make this piece absolutely essential in any girl’s wardrobe, so make sure you get one ASAP. The most important thing about it is fit – it should follow your upper body and waistline perfectly since that’s the only way to look great on you. It’ll look equally amazing both in everyday and formal outfits, which is why you should invest in the best piece you can find!

A good pair of jeans

Jeans are definitely among the most popular clothing items out there, and reasons for that are more than good. These are so versatile and appropriate for numerous occasions, which is exactly why they’re considered a best-selling piece worldwide. Similarly to finding a perfect blazer, the essential thing about a pair of jeans is fit – if they don’t fit your body properly, they’ll probably look like a hot mess. Some girls will love skinny jeans, others will love flared ones; some will choose neutral colors while others will pick darker shades – and that’s completely fine, as long as they feel comfortable in them!


Each of these five clothing items is absolutely essential no matter what kind of outfit you want to pull off. You simply have to have these in your wardrobe since these provide a great basis for every possible combo – all you have to do is to complement them with some interesting accessories, and voila – you’re ready to rock!

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