5 Suggestions for Choosing a New Clothing Style

If you are embarking on your career for the first time, changing your career path or setting your sights on a new career goal, you may be considering a change to your wardrobe, to help you get where you want to go. But should you stick with a shirt and tie or change to something more casual from a place like CC Clothing? Many companies have changed to varying degrees of casual attire for their employees. However, some industries still lean toward the conservative. Finding the right clothing style for your career path will require you to consider a number of different factors.

The Demographics of Your Workplace

Pay close attention to the demographics in your place of employment. If most of the people are under 30, the clothing style will reflect that age bracket, with casual styles or professional wear that is very simple and easy to match with other items. If the majority of people in your office or place of employment are over 40, you may notice that the clothing style is more formal.

Determine the Corporate Culture

Corporate culture involves the “feel” and the spirit of the company. Many tech companies have a dynamic, innovative atmosphere, where casual clothing and individualized style is welcomed. Conversely, a financial institution depends its reputation of stability and soberness, so a more traditional, toned-down style is required. Many new businesses are run by or geared toward millennial employees, so Dragon Ball Super shirts are perfectly fine, and even fit with the often “geeky” culture of such workplaces.

Consider Company Dress Codes

Your company may have already worked out the preferences and restrictions for employee dress. Dress codes are often presented in great detail in employee handbooks or manuals. Take the time to read your company’s handbook, which can give you a good idea of the type of clothing style that is expected and can keep you from spending money on expensive apparel mistakes.

Creating an Image of Professionalism

Whatever type of job you acquire, you should try to project an image of competence and professionalism. Clothing should have clean lines, be easy to maintain and be of good quality.

Determine Your Career Goals

You may enter the work world in an entry-level job, but you should always stay alert for opportunities to advance your career. An old adage says you should dress for the job you want to have. If you look like you will fit easily into a higher position in the company, you are more likely to acquire that position. Adjust your clothing style according, making sure your clothing is appropriate for the tasks required of a higher level.

You can then use these factors as the framework on which you can build your own personal preferences, such as colors, textures and comfort levels. Many retail establishments and online stores are available that offer a wide range of clothing options, to make it easy to find the right style to suit your needs.

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