4 Ideas to Enhance Your Makeup and Aesthetic Allure

Although everyone is naturally beautiful, there are many, relatively simple, ways to enhance one’s innate allure. Many women choose to wear makeup and, while that can do wonders to highlight assets, makeup is not the sole solution. Makeup can conceal or accentuate, but is most powerful when supplemented with a few easy tricks.

Stay Hydrated & Moisturized

Applying foundation on dry skin almost always causes a flaky and streaked result. Dry skin will absorb makeup and clog the pores, which makes them appear larger. While using a moisturizing cream and toner can help with this issue, drinking a sufficient amount of water will be of even more help. Hydrated skin produces a natural glow. Puffiness and dark circles significantly decrease and blemishes are less likely to occur. Sometimes, the results from staying hydrated are profound enough to even eliminate the need for foundation.

However, even if an individual is drinking enough water and feels comfortable not wearing foundation, application of a facial moisturizer at least once a day is still vital to maintaining good texture and dewiness. Water and moisturizer is the skins best friend.

Dental Care

Another important aspect of beauty which can make-or-break someone’s attractiveness, regardless of makeup applied, is dental appearance. While perfectly straight and white teeth are not necessarily a must (although they never hurt), people should make regular visits to a dentist to maintain good dental hygiene. Dentists do not only diagnose cavities and perform root canals, after all. Dentists also perform very important deep dental cleaning in Madison and other areas that most people cannot accomplish at home. Deep cleaning removes plaque—a substance which can lead to chronic bad breath and cause discoloration.

If a client is interested in teeth whitening or even undergoing orthodontic procedures, their dentist is the first person who should be consulted. A dentist will help explain the best products for each individual situation so that the client receives the exact treatment they require.

Finding Undertone

An individuals undertone is pivotal to whether or not certain makeup colors compliment a person’s natural appearance. Finding colors which “match” a person best seems like a daunting task but, truly, is fairly easy to do. Websites like Makeup.com offer simple step-by-step guides to figuring out ones undertone, and even list makeup products which help “balance” possible discoloration.


While everyone is free to wear any color or product of their choosing, there are increasingly products aimed at people with certain undertones so the closest “match” can be achieved. Once a person is aware of their undertone, they will find choosing the right foundation and concealer much easier and the results much more flattering.

Furthermore, finding the most flattering colors of other products will also become incredibly easier. Lipstick, eyeshadow, and ever highlighter all appear differently based on each person’s natural color palette. Once people uncover the colors best suited for them, they will be able to amplify their features like never before.

Finding Face Shape

A person’s facial structure greatly impacts the way makeup should be applied. As many people have discovered, certain styles which look incredible on other people simply do not work for them. Interestingly, there is actually a science behind this. No face is truly the same, but there are general facial categories most people fall into. Websites like Totalbeauty.com outline these categories and the optimal makeup for each. Everything from eyeliner and eyebrows to contour is affected by face shape. Knowing one’s face shape is important for playing up natural assets.

Despite the wonder of makeup, staying healthily hydrated, maintaining good dental hygiene, and knowing one’s assets will always improve a person’s aesthetic allure.

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