What to wear to a fitness club? Dress code for the gym

Why is it so important to choose the right training outfit? Firstly, safety depends upon the design of the clothing. Secondly, it is more pleasurable to workout when comfortable. Thirdly, even though you are in a gym, you still want to look your best. You never know whom you meet meet! In every fitness club, there are those who don’t care how they dress and you don’t want to be like them.

The list of clothes for workout is the same for both men and women. It is advisable to have two sets of clothes to be able to wash one immediately after training. When shopping, don’t overemphasize the price and the brand, but rather, the material and its quality.


  • T-shirt: When choosing a T-shirt for the gym, pay attention to the style. It should not be too loose and get tangled up in workout machines. The best choice is a slightly tight T-shirt which does not restrict movement. There are great "rash guard" - clothes, specially created for training but they are quite expensive so hold off on that for a while. When shopping, pay attention to the quality of the seams. They must be even and sturdy. Cotton will get wet very quickly so choose more modern materials breathable and with These are critical factors for sportswear.
  • Shorts: Pants and breeches are not the best choices for a gym. They are too long for many exercises, especially squats. It’s better to choose shorts that do not reach the knees. However compression pants are an exception to the rule. The shorts should not cling to the knees and cause discomfort. Pay attention to how the shorts are styled. Lacing is great for variable sizing and Velcro is great too.
  • Footwear: Choosing sneakers for a fitness club is more difficult than for clothes. Incorrectly selected shoes can turn a workout into torture, and a comfortable pair will bring comfort and joy. Size is crucial. Make sure there is a two finger space from your toes to the front of the shoe and that the width feels comfortable. Test the shoe line. To do this, rest your sneaker on the floor with effort and bend the foot - the fold of the shoe should come in the same place as the fold of the foot. Wearing poorly sized shoes can lead to flat feet. This last tip will help you from the first day in the gym to adjust to the new shoes. Always break in your new shoes by wearing them for one hour a day for a week before you use them to workout. Never visit the gym in slates, slippers, street shoes. This is not only a sign of bad taste but also a direct road to injury. Wear socks.

What to take to the fitness club?

In addition to clothing and shoes, there are other items you need in your sports bag. They are often forgotten but they are no less necessary than a T-shirt or sneakers.

Source: Pheel

  1. Water: If you do manual labor then you know well how to quench your thirst. It’s the same for working out. The body uses a lot of water in normalizing heat transfer. That's why we get thirsty. Drinking water during training is mandatory. You should drink a minimum of a half liter and more if you feel like it. You can drink water from a regular bottle or a custom container for your regimen. For example, for workouts, bottles for cyclists are perfect; this will never spill and is easy to use.
  2. Shower accessories: After training, be sure to take a shower. It helps to tone yourself, wash away sweat, and relax. You will need everything that you usually use: shower gel, washcloth, towel and rubber slippers. Slippers is especially important for personal hygiene. Even in the best fitness clubs you can get athletes foot. It is better to buy small shower accessories so that they do not take up much space.
  3. Towel: For sweat and shower, you must have a towel. Always take a small towel for yourself. Remember, for training, you need to take two towels one big for the shower, and one small for sweating.

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Comment by Sophie Andersen on May 24, 2018 at 5:39am

Don't forget some quality compression clothing. It can improve your performance and provide protection from some possible injuries. 




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