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Ultimate 2018 Fashion Guide

Spring season is just around the corner, and sooner or later we will all have to answer the famous: “What am I going to wear?” question. However, from year to year, it is becoming more and more easy to answer it, due to all the possibilities and varieties. There is a little bit for everyone, you just need to figure out which of these trends will do the best job in representing you.  …


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Fashion Rules for Grooms: It's All in the Details

For what seems like an eternity, grooms have been unfairly overlooked. The eyes have always been on the bride, and the choice of her attire has been number one priority. Now, thankfully, the tides are turning and we are entering the age of ‘groomzilla’. Men have become increasingly aware that it takes more than just putting on a suit to look their best on one of the most important and memorable days of their lives. Now, while the fashion awakening is in…


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Sportswear Trends That Have Been Hot in 2017

Even though many have predicted a quick and swift downfall of the sportswear trend, as well as the hybrid we all know as athleisure, these trends are here to prove the naysayers wrong. The first piece of evidence, the word has…


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How to Dress Like a Fashion Icon

Do you think you need to freshen up your wardrobe and add a twist to your plain fashion style? Do you want to stand out from the crowd of women who dress exactly the same? If yes, then it’s time for you to learn how to dress like a fashion star and become an inspiration for women all over the world. Don’t know where to start? No biggie! Here’s a little guide that can help you on your fashion journey.…


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Make Your Smile Your Number One Asset

When asked what’s the first thing they find attractive on another person, the majority of people said that it’s a person’s smile. That’s because a smile says a lot about us. People who smile more often are perceived as heart-warming, kind, funny and more approachable than those who rarely smile. Therefore, making a smile your number one asset can change your life completely. It can affect everything - from providing you with a better job to helping you with…


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Be Trendy: Match Your Glasses to Your Outfit

There are so many things you should take into consideration when picking a new pair of glasses, no matter how easy this task may seem. Apart from the color of your frames, you should also bear the occasion in mind, as well as your skin tone and undertone, which are particularly important in the process of picking. Here are some useful tips on how to find a perfect pair and properly match it with your outfit, so keep on reading and check them…


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5 Stylish Items You Need for a Fashionable Vacation

Some might say that fashion and travelling aren’t related. Well, I guess this is true for some people, but for me personally it’s unimaginable. Can you imagine traveling to an amazing new city looking like a mess? I simply feel that I should look as great as the city does and only then I will be able to experience it in all its beauty and glory. In order to use the full potential of your trip, you should try this, too. Ideally, you should try to combine beauty…


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The Future of Fashion E-Commerce

Statistics predict that by 2021 global e-commerce sales will hit the threshold of $4.5 trillion. What does this mean for the fashion industry? The size of the U.S. fashion and apparel market has been estimated at $359 billion, while only $80 billion, or less than the quarter…


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The Best Celebrity Fashion Wedding Moments

When you’re a celebrity, you’re bound to work with a great number of stylists, so when we see a celebrity look that leaves us speechless, it’s not only these ladies’ tastes we admire, but also the army of stylists, makeup artists and designers who were involved in the glam-up process. Famous actresses and singers wear designer clothes all the time. For special occasions such as weddings, they choose…


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Packing Tips from Fashion Influencers

If you have a long-awaited trip coming up, but you aren’t really sure how to properly pack and utilize the available space in your bag in the best possible way – just be sure to stay with us and keep on reading. Here are five useful packing tips from five fashion influencers, so check them out and pack your bags like a pro!…


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Accessories That Tie an Outfit Together

The key to great outfits is combining different pieces in a stylish and balanced way. The key to stunning outfits is adding an element of surprise that will reflect your personal style and taste. While there are many different ways to give your personal touch to your outfits, accessories are definitely a must for a cohesive, chic and remarkable look. After all, no outfit is complete without stylish accessories, and here are top four that will really tie yours together.…


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5 Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs to Own



Putting a fabulous clothing combo together is what many ladies find very challenging. That’s mostly because they often don’t know what they want and therefore pick a lot of unnecessary details which are likely to ruin the whole outfit. If you’re one of them, too, you should know that there are some wardrobe basics every woman needs to own, so stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn about…


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Millennial Style Guide: How to Up Your Fashion Game This Spring

Fashion speaks to different generations, and one of the most important target groups the retailers are trying to reach are millennials. This can be both a good and a bad thing. It is good because there are so many different brands to choose from. On the other hand, the retailers are often using a stereotypical image of an average millennial to identify their target audience. It is up to the consumers to find their own style and choose their clothes accordingly, while still…


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Incorporate a Dash of India into Your Summer Style

Whenever summer approaches, one of the most exciting things to do is update our wardrobe to make sure we have plenty of cute, stylish outfits to get us through the hot days. But this year, instead of our standard tight shorts and tiny tops, why not try something new? India has a long history of beautiful, unique fashion that is more than perfect for the heated haze of summer. If you want to blend comfort, class and brightness, then incorporate these ideas into your personal style for this…


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Find Your Perfect Lingerie-Inspired Look

 Remember when back in the ‘90s, all the celebrities rocked their lingerie to the red carpets and public appearances? Well, the trend is back, and it looks amazing in combination with jackets, boots, jeans and heels. If you thought your favorite silk-lace camisole is the perfect piece just for the bedroom, think again. Once you pair it with stylish wardrobe, it’ll blend into a whole ensemble flawlessly. If you’ve been eager to try out some of the…


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Fifty shades of Blonde: From Blorange to Bronde

Hair trends are always changing, but one thing is sure: blonde will never go out of fashion. It came back once again, armed with countless new shades and varieties that won our hearts over.…


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A-List Inspiration: No-Makeup Makeup Look

A-List Inspiration: No-Makeup Makeup Look

Who doesn’t like having perfect, glowing skin, soft lips and long eyelashes? Sadly, we weren’t all blessed with perfect complexion and some of us have to work pretty hard to get it. Applying makeup is a form of art and the more natural we want to look while wearing it, the more things we actually have to do. Still, for going to work, this is the best option…


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Top 5 Resort Wear Fashion Tips for 2017

Did you plan a trip to a resort this season? Or did someone surprise you with a pair of tickets and you need to leave immediately? You might not know what to pack or where to even start, but not to worry! Resort fashion might be a whole different planet, miles away from how you usually dress, but here is a list of five tips that will have you looking perfect every single day you spend at the resort.…


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The Athleisure - Fitness Fashion Trend

Move away corsets and crystals –

Athleisure has arrived in full glory.

Well, athleisure has been here for a while and celebs aren’t backing down from wearing it; and why should…


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The One Pair of Heels Every Celebrity Seems to Love

Featured image.jpg

Even though celebrities from all over the globe are competing to stun us with their fabulous, one-of-a-kind clothing combos, it seems that these days everyone’s smitten with one particular pair of shoes. Strappy sandals, to be exact. If you’re intrigued, stay with us and find out about the most popular pair of shoes everyone adores.

A stylish pair of heels everyone is raving…


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