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Considering Dental Implants? 3 Comforting Facts You May Not Have Known

Image Source: Pexels

When a dentist recommends a dental implant, the patient may feel worried and scared about what is…


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My Taste In Fashion

My Taste in Fashion

               When it comes to fashion, I always see myself dressed differently than I do in real life. I do not wear makeup and my go to outfit is leggings and a t-shirt. I see myself in a business attire. It would make me feel strong and powerful in a nice white suit, like Taraji P. Henson in the picture.…


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3 Ways Your Clothes Can Save Your Life When Camping and Adventuring

Hopefully, when you go camping or adventuring your experience will be pleasurable if not thrilling and the stuff of happy memories. Before you go you’ll have all the gear that you need, including the right clothing. This means layers for climates of both extreme cold and extreme heat, hiking boots, jungle boots or snow boots and the appropriate hats, gloves, mittens, and…


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Get The Latest Trends In Men's And Women's Fashion On No-Cost EMI

What you wear defines you, and thus, it is very important to choose clothes carefully. When it comes to shopping, men prefer comfort and style. Flipkart on this Big Billion Days is providing a vast range of stylish clothes for men which will make the process of choosing much difficult.

The e-commerce giant has made varieties of fashion trend available on this edition of the mega sale. As for T-shirts, you can purchase…


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Preserving the shine and polish of a wedding band

Jewelry, clothing and accessories definitely form a central part of a person’s attire. The choice of clothing and/or ornaments that one prefers to use is entirely dependent on the person. However one thing can be safely assumed that each and every individual wishes to flaunt his/her distinctive style. Thus the purchase of different kinds of stylish articles is quite common. However in some cases certain elements are purchased which are undoubtedly fashionable but are not purchased just for…


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How to Sweat-Proof Your Beauty Routine

Summer and early autumn might be the most beautiful time of year, but it can wreak havoc on our hair and makeup. In fact, this time of year can be the worst for our beauty routines, as surprise heat waves can lead to our carefully applied makeup running down our necks.

If you…


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Better Beauty: 4 Beauty Tips You Shouldn't Forget

At some point, many young women become dissatisfied with their physical appearance. If you run into this problem, it's important to know that there are many beauty strategies you can implement to overcome it. Below you'll find just four beauty tips that can help you take your physical appearance from average to exceptional: …


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Getting perfect handbag staples in your closet

Handbags are an essential accessory that every woman’s wardrobe contains. Though they come in different styles and sizes but one must pick something that supports their personal style statement. While they are a must as they’re able to carry a lot of stuff that is essential to women you must remember not to splurge on the wrong handbag which you may later realize wasn’t a great bet you made.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while shopping for a handbag:…


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Here is How You Can Finance Your Beach Wedding in Mumbai With the Help of Personal Loan

Weddings in India is full of rich culture, the money spent on marriages can range from a minimum of INR 10 – 20 Lakhs and can reach sky-high. Marriages in India are celebrated with a lot of fun and entertainment. Indian marriages go on for days with each day a new function and celebration. People spend a lot of money on venues, decoration, food, lighting, photography, and clothing.  

Indian families are larger in size and thus the number of guests that are invited are far more.…


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4 Beauty Tips Essential For Strong Self-Confidence

Image Source: Pexels

Beauty ads display models who have flawless skin and aim to convince you that the products may achieve the…


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Say Hello to floral prints

As soon as you hear the term floral you instinctively relate it to the seasons of spring and summer. On the other hand you associate autumn with warm hues dull colours and well, fallen leaves. We live in a time when most women agree that fashion liberates them. Thus, we are left with no reason to confine our wardrobe to a certain season of the year. So, say hello to floral prints this autumn and read on to be the trend setter this year. …


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Style Sheet For Beach Weddings

A beach never makes a mistake in lulling you into an open-eyed reverie with its sound, smell and the colours. Hence, when you decide to exchange your vows with ‘Yours Truly’ in the sand and the sun, it truly is akin to stepping into a dream you might have secretly harbored. Isn’t it quite frustrating then, when you can’t remember all the details from the dream: like what attire you were wearing on your beach wedding?

While it might not be possible for you to reconstruct your dream,…


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Should You Go for Keratin Hair Smoothing Treatment?

Women with bushy and curly hair often have difficulty in maintaining their hairdos. They have to spend long hours sitting before the mirror trying to get their curls straightened in order to comb their hair properly and often have to resort to using additional equipment, such as a hair straightener. If you have longed for a permanent solution for hair smoothing and straightening, there are now a number of different solutions available. Keratin treatments are offered at many hair clinics…


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Lovely Layers: Winter Office Fashions for Professional Fashionistas

As a fashionista, you probably can’t help but dread the winter months because you want your outfits to be on point but you also don’t want to be uncomfortably cold. Luckily, we’ve rounded up four fashion trends that will not only keep you on top of your fashion game at the office, but they’ll also keep…


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September Fashion Forecast

Pumpkin Spice, cool temperatures and NYFW is in the air... what's a better time to get your game plan together for the fall?  It's that time to re-vamp your closet and get on trend with these top trends.  But first... see this season's fall 2017 color trend report.…


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Wedding Jewelleries for Would be Brides this Season

As wedding season is on full swing, of the most important factor to consider is bridal jewellery. Jewellery is important in order to complete the look of the bride. In some parts of India, jewelries are also considered auspicious during wedding ceremonies. Gold being the most popular jewellery have always been on our list, but there are other jewelries too, that are available for brides to wear.

Below are the kinds of jewelries women can find other than…


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Defining Your Style: How to Create a Distinctive Look

In order to look your best, you should have a distinctive look that shows off your own style. When you see the most popular actresses and models, they have a unique style that sets them apart. It can take time to define your own style, but when you do, you will look appropriate for any occasion. …


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Frumpy Fabulous: 4 Ways to Look Casual and Sexy at the Same Time

Let’s face it, ladies: we all want to look fabulous. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a date or for a job interview; the thought of looking flawless is almost always in our minds whenever we’re picking out a new outfit. For some of us, looking casual and sexy at the same time is our biggest goal. After…


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Better Beauty: 5 Tricks to Choosing the Right Salon

Whether you're tired of the same stylists or you don't want to pay a lot of money for a simple hairstyle, there are numerous reasons as to why you might want to find a new hair salon. When you're looking for somewhere new, you need to take your time in getting to know the people who work there and the styles that they can perform. There are a few tips to keep in mind when searching for a salon so that you're happy with any hair care results. …


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Fall Fashion: 4 Haircuts Absolutely Perfect For The Season

Image Source: Pexels

The fall season is a time to explore new haircuts and new colors. It's a season where you can bring out shades of…


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