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The Rising Popularity of Cosmetic Dentistry

If there is one constant in the world of dentistry, it is progressive change. Between the accelerated advances in new technologies always being developed and ongoing improvements in procedures, more people are finding welcome solutions to their cosmetic dental needs. Considering…


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3 tips for getting into minimalism

Stress is a common characteristic in the lives of many people in the modern world. Increasing pressures, around money, around the problems of technology, around working longer hours, affect all of us in a way, whether it be anxiety, insomnia, stress, or other symptoms. Worry is increasingly part and parcel with the great digital and consumer revolution we’ve been living through over the past two decades.



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How to Dress Like a Fashion Icon

Do you think you need to freshen up your wardrobe and add a twist to your plain fashion style? Do you want to stand out from the crowd of women who dress exactly the same? If yes, then it’s time for you to learn how to dress like a fashion star and become an inspiration for women all over the world. Don’t know where to start? No biggie! Here’s a little guide that can help you on your fashion journey.…


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Make Your Smile Your Number One Asset

When asked what’s the first thing they find attractive on another person, the majority of people said that it’s a person’s smile. That’s because a smile says a lot about us. People who smile more often are perceived as heart-warming, kind, funny and more approachable than those who rarely smile. Therefore, making a smile your number one asset can change your life completely. It can affect everything - from providing you with a better job to helping you with…


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10 Crisp Wedding Ring Trends For 2018

Ring trends change each year. Adornments have dependably been the briefest slice of a young lady's heart. All things considered, all things considered here is your definitive manual for 2018 best wedding bands. Each and every ring of these perfectly handmade gems will influence her heart to dissolve. Make her say 'yes'!

Photograph 1-6: Sentimental Rose Gold Wedding bands

Rose gold is back in…


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5 Beauty Gifts to Give Your Spouse

Your spouse is likely the one person that you cherish most. A great way to show your appreciation is to offer a special beauty treatment as a gift. Indeed, depending on tastes and preferences, you could just as easily provide one of the following gifts to a man as to a…


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Be Trendy: Match Your Glasses to Your Outfit

There are so many things you should take into consideration when picking a new pair of glasses, no matter how easy this task may seem. Apart from the color of your frames, you should also bear the occasion in mind, as well as your skin tone and undertone, which are particularly important in the process of picking. Here are some useful tips on how to find a perfect pair and properly match it with your outfit, so keep on reading and check them…


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Bobbi’s Guide to Colour Correcting

Colour correcting is a way for a woman to make her skin look flawless at any time of the year, any time of the day. A lot of beautiful women have different colour issues in their skin, like hyperpigmentation. By colour correcting, you can make your face look like you really do have even skin—a true “no-makeup makeup” look.

Anyone can learn how to colour correct—so let the experts teach you the basics, the Bobbi Brown way:



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5 Fashionable Gift Ideas to Delight the Hard-To-Shop-For

When it comes time to buy gifts, we always seem to have that one friend, family member or coworker that is always hard to shop for. Whether they are the person who has everything or simply someone hard to nail down on tastes or preferences, some people can frustrate even the most seasoned shoppers. Here are 5 fashionable gift ideas that will delight even the most hard-to-shop-for…


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Top Reasons to Get Your Ears and Nose Pierced

Piercings are a popular trend for women in this day and age and not without good reason. All those hoops and dangling hypoallergenic earrings on display at the stores are just too beautiful to turn down, aren’t they? Aside from their timeless beauty, though, there are some other amazing benefits you’ll get out of receiving an ear or a nose piercing that you likely don’t already know. So, what are some of these?

Because the central part of…


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Designer Salwar Kameez Sets the Trend in Crafting Festive Attires

The diversified tradition, culture, and practices in India set it apart from the rest of the countries in the world. So, the fashion designers who are getting inspiration, artistic ideas, and themes in their culture are blessed because India offers the widest ranging of textures, colors, and sources of quality materials in the land.

Celebrations like festivals and special occasions are best remembered by buying the latest clothing apparels bearing the freshest designs from promising…


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5 Stylish Items You Need for a Fashionable Vacation

Some might say that fashion and travelling aren’t related. Well, I guess this is true for some people, but for me personally it’s unimaginable. Can you imagine traveling to an amazing new city looking like a mess? I simply feel that I should look as great as the city does and only then I will be able to experience it in all its beauty and glory. In order to use the full potential of your trip, you should try this, too. Ideally, you should try to combine beauty…


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Best Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures for a Flawless Smile

If you aren’t happy with the way your smile looks, perhaps it’s time you look into cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve your smile. Whether you’re concerned about the crookedness of your teeth or simply want them to appear stronger and shinier, there are cosmetic dentistry…


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Spring 2018 Fashion Trends You Need to Follow

Spring 2018 is all about the red and pink color combo, white suiting, and the prints you denied to wear your whole life. We rounded some tips and tricks to follow the biggest trends this spring. To stay fashionable, check out these fashion trends created by celebrities. Enjoy!…


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How Your Health Hygiene Complements Your Fashion Sense

The way we look contributes to how we are seen in the society. Our appearance plays a significant role in what our peers, parents, clients, and bosses see in us. Grooming and hygiene go hand in hand, which is something most people do not understand. William Shakespeare…


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2018 Top Beauty Products

Are you make-up obsessed and ready to find the best products and tech to get your skin glowing and achieve beauty goals! Be the star of the holidays and in the know for the beauty trends set to hit 2018. Have you taken notice of the winners of 2017? Do you know where the beauty industry is heading? The…


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Why men need the following footwear essentials?

A well styled man would always keep some essential elements in his wardrobe that makes him stand apart from the rest. He will dress vividly enough to garner all stares from around.  The wardrobe staples not only add more meaning to the personality but will also evade the hassle of dressing wrong. One of the most important items in a man’s wardrobe is shoes! To put that foot forward in confidence, all you need is right pair of shoes that exudes a charm like no other.   …


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Voluptuous Lips: How to Make Your Smile Your Best Feature

A smile can really go a long way in changing the direction of someone’s day. The old saying, “a smile that lights up the room”, is not only referring to how bright one’s teeth are, although that certainly helps make a smile more appealing. There are many ways to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that…


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Tips To Hire A Wedding Photographer For Your Big Day


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4 Ideas to Enhance Your Makeup and Aesthetic Allure

Although everyone is naturally beautiful, there are many, relatively simple, ways to enhance one’s innate allure. Many women choose to wear makeup and, while that can do wonders to highlight assets, makeup is not the sole solution. Makeup can conceal or accentuate, but is…


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