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Sustaining Stones: 5 Types of Jewelry That Have Health Benefits

Did you know that the jewelry you wear may help with everything from mood improvement to heart health? While most of these claims have not been scientifically proven, numerous people depend upon certain metals or gemstones to reduce their anxiety, eliminate pain…


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What your eye colour says about your personality

Your eyes can be one of your biggest beauty assets, setting off your best outfits and giving you something to accentuate with your make-up. Some of the most beautiful people in the world are known for their stunning eyes, like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. But did…


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How to nail the rockabilly updo

The rockabilly era, that wonderful period during the 1950s and 60s, when fashion and music went hand in hand. It challenged the norms of the day and allowed young people to express themselves not just musically, but through their choice of apparel and…


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Five Body Locations for Keeping Your Tattoos Secret

Tattoos are the incredible body arts that have gained wide popularity throughout the world. People of all ages, especially the young generation are crazy about getting inked. For them, this is a unique way to make the style statement. Well, when you are planning for getting inked for the first time, you need to think about this matter more deeply. Moreover, you need to have a clear view of this subject. You may take the help from the internet or discuss the matter with any friend who has…


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10 alternative makeup ideas that are so hot right now

With every season comes new explorations into the world of beauty. But sometimes there are trends that are just so wonderfully timeless that they need delving into deeper, in order to fully embrace their uniqueness. What follows isn’t for the wallflower types, but if you’re ready for some…


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Accessories That Tie an Outfit Together

The key to great outfits is combining different pieces in a stylish and balanced way. The key to stunning outfits is adding an element of surprise that will reflect your personal style and taste. While there are many different ways to give your personal touch to your outfits, accessories are definitely a must for a cohesive, chic and remarkable look. After all, no outfit is complete without stylish accessories, and here are top four that will really tie yours together.…


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0g3bwrxirteao Fashionable Clothing – Match Needs of Every Women

You can’t find any women that don’t like shopping. What can be more pleasing than to spend cash purchasing fashionable clothing? Besides, dressing comes to be a very essential necessity other than shelter and food. In case you wish to make a woman happy, then you should allow her to go for shopping.



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Great Tips To Choose Formal Dresses That Will Make You Feel Beautiful And Confident

Women are often confused while choosing formal wear because it usually brings lack of comfort. However, if you choose your formal clothes carefully, you can not only look your best, but also feel comfortable in them.

You need not sacrifice the colours, cuts, styles and accessories you love in the formal wear…


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7 ethical clothing brands to watch in 2017

If you’re wondering what came after orange (as in the new black), think green. Creating ethical garments is now key for the vast majority of brands on the market today, and not just luxury brands either, ethical is on the high street too.



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Beauty and the Business: Fashion Tips for Post-College Life

Graduating college comes with a number of thrills and responsibilities. You now have the opportunity to make money, move out and pursue other endeavors, but you might not feel ready for all of these responsibilities. In fact, the thought of having to dress properly for interviews and the workplace might seem jarring.

Know the Field

The appropriate type of clothing for work is likely to vary by the field. Speak to people who work in the business; draw on your own internship…


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Summer Fashion: 4 Ways Moms Can Make Themselves Sizzling and Stylish

Many moms put their kids' clothing needs ahead of their own. This could lead to a closet full of clothes that are many years old and no longer stylish. When you are ready to update your summer wardrobe, consider these four ways to make yourself into a sizzling and stylish mom each time you are out and…


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5 Reasons to Eat Ethically and Sustainably

Eating ethically and sustainably isn’t always easy, especially for people with busy lifestyles or those with a limited budget. But there are so many reasons to shop more responsibly when it comes to groceries and food items. From…


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The Belle of the Ball: 4 Tricks to Bringing out Your Best Self

If you want to look beautiful, then it is important to highlight your best facial and body features. Each woman wants to look gorgeous at special events, but it isn’t necessary for her to look like someone else. Here are a few ways to look great for any occasion.…


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Why Add Yellow Color In Your Wardrobe

Yellow is a new statement color that you need in your wardrobe. Yellow means being interested in details plus having an open spirit. Yellow is the color of the light and is mostly worn by intelligent men, who like having an authoritarian controlled position.

Yellow is believed an…


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5 Clothing Accessories Every Man Should Have

Men everywhere want to look good. Unfortunately, this can be hard for some men. If you find yourself puzzling over how to look great, check out these five clothing accessories every man should have in his wardrobe.

Great Shoes

Shoes may seem like a small…


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How to Look Chic and Fashionable During Your Yoga Session

Yoga is an ideal way to get in some moderately intense exercise. It also gives you a chance to show off your personal style. When you are out shopping for clothing and accessories for your yoga classes, keep these four chic and fashionable ideas in mind.



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