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Thinking of Getting Liposuction? 4 Reasons It May Be Beneficial

Excess fat and too little exercise can make parts of your body look older and flabbier. Unfortunately, even if you’ve done the exercise and lost the weight, you still may have stubborn areas of flab that you can’t seem to lose. Also, genetics play a part in the…


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Motorcycles & Skateboards: How Our Hobbies Influence Our Styles

Many hobbies have a culture surrounding them. Whether it's a certain way of speaking or a particular way of dressing, these "signatures" can identify you to others within your group, especially when they sneak into your everyday life. Here are just a few…


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Kiddie couture: keeping little miss dressed like the princess she is

When it comes to clothing, some kids are happy in corduroy’s and dungarees – that’s what we grew up in right? Not so much today’s little divas.

So if your little fashionista simply can’t go off to preschool without being dressed to the nines, clothing her can get pretty pricey, especially at the rate kids outgrow their clothes. So here’s how to cut the costs without compromising on looks…


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Now not every one of us has the financial strength to buy expensive designer bags but that does not mean we do not crave for one. Well, if you cannot spend huge sums on the authentic brands, why not go for replicas that uncannily resemble their original counterparts, yet readily available at an affordable price.…


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5 Most Stylish Accessories to Pair with Lehenga Sarees

If lehenga saree entices you and is your ultimate fave during wedding gala or other celebrations, make sure to get these 5 classy types of fashion accessories to flare the complete look. Can you imagine women without jewellery??? It’s not possible. Be it festival days, wedding chaos, family fests or any other event, they just look for a reason to scarf themselves with the glistening pieces of jewels. The huge craze of lehenga sarees among women is because the staple reflects the elegance of…


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Flaunting Your Fashion: 5 Tips to Use Clothing to Express Yourself

You know that clothes can define who you are or what you are feeling. Clothes are an extension of you, and you can say a lot by choosing the right garments. The following are five tips that can help you express yourself through clothing.…


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Adult Appearance: 3 Strategies To Rid Your Mind Of Self-Conscious Worries

Image Source: Pexels

If you've ever felt self-conscious about the way that you look, you're not alone. There might be times…


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What’s your fashion personality?


The best thing about there being so many brands for people to choose from in 2017, is that you can find a style that perfectly matches your personality, or even mood. Here are some of the biggest personality trends available right now…


The Bohemian:


So, what does your style say about your personality. If you’re often seen in floaty, floral and dreamy clothing then you are probably going to fall into the bohemian category.…


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A person who loves fashion, appreciates fashion and can sometimes be said to admire her too, chose this year to join my stylist friend Chen, and to pass with her the fashion week in Milan. Maybe it's the atmosphere, maybe this city, maybe the people…

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5 Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Needs to Own



Putting a fabulous clothing combo together is what many ladies find very challenging. That’s mostly because they often don’t know what they want and therefore pick a lot of unnecessary details which are likely to ruin the whole outfit. If you’re one of them, too, you should know that there are some wardrobe basics every woman needs to own, so stay with us and keep on reading if you want to learn about…


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5 Ways to Deal with Premature Wrinkles

How many of you who are in your 30s and early 40s have looked in the mirror and saw—gasp!—a wrinkle somewhere on your face? Those pesky crow's feet and forehead wrinkles sure can creep up on you. You might feel a moment of despair when you first notice these wrinkles, but there…


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Amazing Advantages of Choosing Online Dating Services

Are you single and ready to get mingle? It can be said that that finding that right soul mate could be an intimidating task for all of us. Some people are very introvert and they find it very difficult to get connect with other. Online dating services are one of the brightest options for such people and statistics suggest that the online agencies offer 100% best results.

So, if you are also looking forward to get your perfect partner for your life, get in touch with professional…


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Looking for Long Hair Wedding Ideas? Here Are Some Inspirational Styles

It is one of the most important days in your adult life; your wedding day not only marks an important phase in your life but ushers in a path into an exciting new chapter of your life. It is a day that should be celebrated in style and it is no wonder then that so much planning goes into pulling off the perfect nuptials.…


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As men and women, we are very often searching how to look our best, how to care for our skin or have a beautiful skin, while we might not have the time to indulge or the financial means to hop and go to a beauty salon every time this happens. And today I want to share with you one major tip that will help…


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