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5 Home Remedies for Dry Skin

Though winter is (mostly) past us, dry skin is an issue that plagues many of us year-round. For some, it’s just something to put up with, like you have all your life. For others, it’s something that needs to be taken care of yesterday. When the itchy, flaky skin becomes too much, there are a million moisturizers on the market. But if you don’t want to waste your money on trying a bunch of different products, consider these 5 home…


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Fifty shades of Blonde: From Blorange to Bronde

Hair trends are always changing, but one thing is sure: blonde will never go out of fashion. It came back once again, armed with countless new shades and varieties that won our hearts over.…


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A-List Inspiration: No-Makeup Makeup Look

A-List Inspiration: No-Makeup Makeup Look

Who doesn’t like having perfect, glowing skin, soft lips and long eyelashes? Sadly, we weren’t all blessed with perfect complexion and some of us have to work pretty hard to get it. Applying makeup is a form of art and the more natural we want to look while wearing it, the more things we actually have to do. Still, for going to work, this is the best option…


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5 essential shoes for 2017

Forget traditional gladiator sandals and flip flops this year. 2017 is all about being bright, bold and different in your shoe selections. Be as out there as you dare...

Pom Pom Sandals 

These crept onto the catwalks in 2016, but this summer is their time to really shine. I cannot get enough of them - who wouldn't love shoes with pom poms on?! With all their tassels and straps, they're the perfect show for this…


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Hot Summer Wedding Wedding Make Tips

The weather can be quite a downer for a summer bride, not in terms of flaunting sexy curves but for your makeup. So, it is extremely vital for you to know that the makeup tips are different for summer and winter months. Summertime generally is the humid and warm time when the skin acts weird and may also look greasy and shiny. Usually, this dulls the face and makes it hard to get makeup results that you desire. There are some great summer bridal makeup tips that can be kept handy for better…


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Dermal Deliverance: 5 Tips for Dealing with Persistent Acne

Acne is a source of pain and embarrassment for millions. Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to reduce or even eliminate acne. Here are five tips to help you get rid of the scourge of acne:



One of the most effective…


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Bring a fall staple into the spring

Yes, I am a unicorn, I don’t “love” the Spring. That’s right, I said it! 

Here is what’s interesting about this season: one day the weather is so warm that you’re inevitably compelled to walk around…


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Power Pantsuit Takeover: Easter Edition!

When I think of Easter fashion, the first things that comes to mind are pastel colors and Sunday sun dresses. But this year, I decided to spice things up and give the traditional holiday attire a twist with this floral pantsuit. …


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New post and shopping link on the blog AWEDBYMONICA.COM

Hey Style Lovers, happy Monday! It was really hard saying goodbye to the weekend, but all good things must come to…


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Top 5 Resort Wear Fashion Tips for 2017

Did you plan a trip to a resort this season? Or did someone surprise you with a pair of tickets and you need to leave immediately? You might not know what to pack or where to even start, but not to worry! Resort fashion might be a whole different planet, miles away from how you usually dress, but here is a list of five tips that will have you looking perfect every single day you spend at the resort.…


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Spring has sprung…

Let me tell you about how excited I am to walk on the streets of New York without a jacket on! Though the fall is my favorite season, no other time of the year can make a woman feel as feminine as the spring does. I am totally here for the fun…


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The Awed by Monica Spring/Summer Style guide highlights 10 timeless wardrobe essentials. In addition to highlighting these essentials, the book also shows you how to use current trends to work the es…

The Awed by Monica Spring/Summer Style guide highlights 10 timeless wardrobe essentials. In addition to highlighting these essentials, the book also shows you…


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Cropped And Twisted

Chic, downtown, yet also sexy-tough are all words that can be used to describe the T by Alexander Wang collection. He has the power to make basics come to life and be the main attraction. Wang takes your average piece and constructs it in such a way that it is a statement all on its own. 

This poplin blouse is accentuated by stripes, a front twist detail, elastic back, and button-up sleeves. It is available in plain white or chambray, and also a short sleeve style…allowing you the…


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3 Ingenius Strategies To Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

While there is no replacement for good oral hygiene, sometimes brushing and flossing aren't enough to keep your teeth as white as you would like. One way to keep your teeth white is to avoid drinks that stain, such as coffee, red wine and soda. Giving up cigarettes is also…


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How to Take Care Of Your Feet

Take care of your feet and they will serve you faithfully all your life.

There is nothing like foot troubles to suggest premature old age. A limping or stiff gait is unattractive. Fallen arches, bunions, and crooked toes are unsightly and painful. These outward signs are all too common. Perhaps we ill-treat our poor feet by habitually wearing badly fitting shoes, the resultant incorrect posture and uncomfortable walking causing loss of elasticity.



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