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The Athleisure - Fitness Fashion Trend

Move away corsets and crystals –

Athleisure has arrived in full glory.

Well, athleisure has been here for a while and celebs aren’t backing down from wearing it; and why should…


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The One Pair of Heels Every Celebrity Seems to Love

Featured image.jpg

Even though celebrities from all over the globe are competing to stun us with their fabulous, one-of-a-kind clothing combos, it seems that these days everyone’s smitten with one particular pair of shoes. Strappy sandals, to be exact. If you’re intrigued, stay with us and find out about the most popular pair of shoes everyone adores.

A stylish pair of heels everyone is raving…


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Glowing Skin: How to Achieve the Perfect Epidermal Aesthetic

Keeping your skin looking great requires action both from the inside and from the outside. Hydration and a healthy diet work wonders from the inside. From the outside, your skin care routine will also be important. These four tips will help you to achieve aesthetically pleasing skin.



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Weekly Beauty Routine

Beauty farms work wonders on the human frame, but they don't come cheap. Here is our do-it-yourself version of what the rich shell out a fortune for: a weekly beauty routine that costs no more than a night at the movies.

Photo: How to Be PrettyBeauty tips on How to Be Pretty

The object is to spoil yourself rotten and emerge cleansed, relaxed, uplifted, and…


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If you have been following me on snapchat[@turningblog], you know that I was in Spain end of last year. While I thought I was in winter back here in Switzerland, its wasn't quite the same feeling there. Palm trees, shining sun, sipping cocktails on terraces and walking bare foot on soft sands was pretty was the picture. Needless to say that we don nit have the same winter in Barcelona as in Switzerland. I can assure you I was more than happy to take a break and…


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Ladies watches fashion trends in 2017

Discover what is hot in the world of women's timepieces this year and get yourself a fashionable timepiece that is right on trend to grace your wrist, revamp your wardrobe, and spice up your looks!

Ladies watches fashion trends in 2017 include gorgeous colours, striking dials, interesting straps, and classic style. Smartwatches and activity trackers are also trending... but that's not surprising!

This year sees a return to the basics in terms of watch sizes, simple minimalist…


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6 Spring Accessories Straight from the Runway

Finally, the event we’ve been looking forward to the entire year – New York Fashion Week. As expected, everybody from Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, as well as a couple of new names, have brought on their A game. Each outfit and accessory we have been presented with had a little bit of something for every sartorial inclination. From head to toe, we had the opportunity to enjoy lace, diamonds, prints and several comeback items from our favorite fashion eras; here…


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How To Do Your Make Up In 2017...

Fashion week has set the tone for the future makeup trends of 2017. The Summer of 2016 was the season of the 90s, and 2017 is all about the 80s so expect to see a lot of sparkles and bright colours teamed with big hair.

Glow Up

A bronzed and sheeny complexion is going to be sought after…


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How to buy a Diamond Online

Buying a diamond is a big commitment that requires a lot of planning and research. To give you a helping hand, here are some tips to buying a diamond online…

Ask See a Picture.

Ask See a Picture of the Actual Diamond. You’d be surprised how often people buy diamonds online without seeing a picture of what exactly they’re buying. This is very common with wholesale sites that sell a lot of lower-quality diamonds. To save time,…


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2017 Fashion Update

As we start to move into a new season, clothing trends are quickly starting to change. This year it's  super important to keep a close eye on these trends, as there will be many Here we listed some of the trends to look out for in 2017.

Kick Back

The Athleisure movement initially started in 2012, but has now seen a mass movement with clothing brands all over adopting this sports luxe style. Brands are beginning to tailor their clothing and fabrics…


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5 Small Items That Need To Be In Your Bag While You Travel

There are many lists online reminding travelers what they should take – most of the time those lists contain things that are pretty big and hard to forget. However, if you are heading for a long or a short trip, you need to remember to also take a few small but super essential and always handy items you might forget.

And this short article, I hope, is going to help you out a little bit…


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Best Urban Streetwear Brand of 2017 : Criminal Damage

East London label Criminal Damage was established in 1991 and have since mastered a collection of streetwear for the urban trendsetter.  They effortlessly perfect a collection of ready to wear pieces plastered with tongue in cheek graphics, intricate prints and quality detailing.

Criminal Damage is your go to label for ridiculously cool and current street style.

Here are a few of my favourite…


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How to Make Your Skin Pretty in Winter

Wind, rain, puddles and gloomy days is the winter weather forecast. But that's not all. Also forecast are some special winter skin problems, like dryness and dehydration.

Unlike the weather, these can be amended.

First, establish skin type. Then study what to do for it, and how to get rid of special problems. This way your skin will have the very best care for the winter.

How to discover your…


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Fashion Dead-Eye: How to Shock and Stun Your Girlfriends on Girls' Night Out

Is there anything more gratifying than a dropped jaw when someone sees your outfit for the first time? If you're ready to stop traffic during your next girl's night out, here are just a few unique fashion ideas.

Illusion Jewelry

Also known as "invisible" jewelry, these creative accessories make use…


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Wearing a Graduation Cap? How to Make Your Hair Still Look 'On Fleek'

Graduating is a big step for your future. Whether it's from high school or college, you'll be able to wear a cap and gown while getting your diploma after walking across a stage. Even though you have a cap on, you can still make sure your hair is on point so that the pictures that you have made are stylish and flattering. Below are four ideas that can help make sure that your hair looks…


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