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5 Small Items That Need To Be In Your Bag While You Travel

There are many lists online reminding travelers what they should take – most of the time those lists contain things that are pretty big and hard to forget. However, if you are heading for a long or a short trip, you need to remember to also take a few small but super essential and always handy items you might forget.

And this short article, I hope, is going to help you out a little bit…


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What to Gift Your Boyfriend in Malaysia?

Being in a relationship is always a great feeling which is cherished by the people who are actually dating someone. People tend to offer wonderful gifts to their partner to keep their relationship really exciting. Gifting each other is a common trait of any relationship and it helps in cementing the mutual relationship in a better way.

However, when it comes to gifting, it is believed to be the sole responsibility of the male partner to gift his female counterpart which is not an…


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Best Urban Streetwear Brand of 2017 : Criminal Damage

East London label Criminal Damage was established in 1991. Putting its unique take on streetwear ever since is a collection of print T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that spans the dark and macabre to the bright and bold.

Here are a few of my favourite Criminal Damage items... 

Womens Khaki Bomber…


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How to Make Your Skin Pretty in Winter

Wind, rain, puddles and gloomy days is the winter weather forecast. But that's not all. Also forecast are some special winter skin problems, like dryness and dehydration.

Unlike the weather, these can be amended.

First, establish skin type. Then study what to do for it, and how to get rid of special problems. This way your skin will have the very best care for the winter.

How to discover your…


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Fashion Dead-Eye: How to Shock and Stun Your Girlfriends on Girls' Night Out

Is there anything more gratifying than a dropped jaw when someone sees your outfit for the first time? If you're ready to stop traffic during your next girl's night out, here are just a few unique fashion ideas.

Illusion Jewelry

Also known as "invisible" jewelry, these creative accessories make use…


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the plot

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Wearing a Graduation Cap? How to Make Your Hair Still Look 'On Fleek'

Graduating is a big step for your future. Whether it's from high school or college, you'll be able to wear a cap and gown while getting your diploma after walking across a stage. Even though you have a cap on, you can still make sure your hair is on point so that the pictures that you have made are stylish and flattering. Below are four ideas that can help make sure that your hair looks…


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How to Guide: Shopping for Your Shape

When was the last time you took a good look in the mirror and told yourself how amazing you look? Ha, thought so. For some reason, we’ve all become so obsessed with the (supposed) extra pounds and things that “aren’t right” about our bodies that we’ve all forgotten to appreciate everything we’ve got. On top of that, we’ve embraced styles forced on us, we’ve become obsessed with fast fashion inspiration instead of chasing fashion that suits our body measurements, shapes and…


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Hair Loss? 3 Strategies To Help You Boost Your Confidence Again

One of the heartbreaking things that you could ever see while brushing your hair, taking a shower or even getting up in the morning is numerous strands of hair in one place. It could get so bad that you begin losing hair all over the head, viewing the scalp in some…


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Beauty Boomerang: 4 Trends That Keep Coming Back

Whether we want to believe it or not, new fashion is really just a reimagining of old trends and designs with new names. The bell bottom leg became the boot cut jean. The pedal pushers and clam diggers evolved into capri pants. And the plaid flannel wrapped around the waste…


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Style Sense: 3 Glasses Brands You Need For 2017

Your choice of glasses frames speaks volumes about your style sense. There are glasses for any mood or personality that you want to convey; your choice of glasses can help to make you look smart, studious, playful, serious, silly, understated, dramatic, tailored, and sporty or…


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Hey Style Lovers, happy Martin Luther King Jr Day for those of us in America! Although it's a holiday and the kids are home, it's work as usual for me. The good thing is my work loves to throw in a little fun every now and then, so today will definitely be a fun and exciting…


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Winter Proposals: How To Shop Smart In The Wedding Off-Season

He popped the question. An engagement ring now glitters on your finger. You've got a lot of planning to do before you'll walk down the aisle as a lovely bride. Winter may not be the season most readily associated with weddings, but as the snow falls, you're in luck. You are also not alone. According to ABC News, 26 percent of wedding…


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The Hottest Brows Are Big, Bold & Beautiful

Every great professional makeup artist knows eyebrows are the most important facial feature. They’re also the most likely to be abused. All you have to do is take a look through old photographs to see just how badly eyebrows can go. The 90s were an especially bad time. While the decade’s fashion may be coming back with distressed high waisted denim and chokers, don’t go near those tweezers. Bold, thick, and defined eyebrows are a trend that’s here to say. From Beyonce to Cara DeLevingne,…


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I Feel Sexy In My Calvins

Since Calvin Klein launched it's campaign #MyCalvins in 2015, I haven't been seeing Calvin Klein everything everywhere. Of course the campaign would have a great impact with public figure such as Chiara Ferragni, Justin Bieber, Kylie and Kendall Jenner conveying...…


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The New Year is coming, it’s a days (and a party) everybodyis waiting for, with spells sue and traditions, and as every time we followmany practices and respect many rituals in an almost mechanical way, withouteven asking the meaning of all this.



Each country has its folklore, but the aim is everywhere the same, leave behind the…


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