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Fashion Climaxx is a Fashion Social Network
Fashion Climaxx  is an online explosion of personalities, companies, events and trends that shape the fashion universe. Updated daily with the latest celebrity fashion inspiration, trends, and photo shoots where we combine and reblog all quality content throughout the world and online. We globally follow the fashion trail and seek the hottest new designers, stores & collections, while dishing out the latest in celebrity/supermodels, fashion news and gossip.

We are driven by a community of individuals whose fashion sense is beyond comprehension. Each individual's style is unique and exquisite. Diversity is the foundation of our network. We expect to be a great source not only for consumers looking for obtainable style inspiration, but also for brands & designers seeking new forms of trends, techniques, and most of all --variety of styles. Create your profile, get inspired and welcome to YOUR runway!!!
Join Fashion Climaxx now to give us a sneak peek inside your realm! Create a profile, update statuses, upload your style photos/videos, chat, connect, network/market yourself and engage with the community. Fashion Climaxx is a community made for those who want to give their fashion style a home, while influencing and motivating others. Get inspired, walk the RUNWAY and showcase yourself to the Fashion World!
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Elizabeth Marte Creative Director & Founder

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