I'm new to this site but was hoping to get some style advice on what to wear to a Beyonce concert. My style depends on my mood I can go for a Beyonce to Rihanna to Kim Kardashian to an Olivia Pope, but I do know for the concert I want to mix patterns or wear a bold But sleek colors. Ultimately, the goal is to fly but stylish. Please help me out with ideas!

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Rock to the concert in a kimono top from Bubblemood. Bubblemood was started in Shanghai by 2 parisian girls who wanted to design classic pieces that is timeless. Here are 2 options depending on your mood. Wear it with skinny jeans or a pair of hot shorts!



If you decide to get it, drop us a message so we can send you a discount coupon. Have fun at the concert!

I say go for a jumpsuit in a bold colour and accesorise it up with statement jewellery or a hot pair of shoes!! Alternatively tribal print skirts are quite in...

The star's partnered with Rent the Runway on a selection of handpicked pieces.

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I actually did a blog post on the outfit I wore when I saw Beyonce! Check it out!


I liked what you wrote on your blog.  Your  outfit was pretty cute.  And I could tell by what you wrote, that you enjoyed the concert  in comfort and style.   

Beyonce concert is something in which one should be elegantly dressed. So what I'll recommend to have a look once at FabAlley, where you can find some good collection of clothes.


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